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Each month we bring you a roundup of achievements and thought leadership in the healthcare industry. From innovative tech solutions to esteemed professionals, symplr and our customers continue to make waves across the healthcare landscape.

Optimized healthcare operations paramount to improving patient care 

KarleneKerfoot-headshot2Featured in an article in Medical Economics, Karlene Kerfoot, PhD, RN, FAAN, Chief Nursing Officer at symplr, discusses how healthcare organizations can utilize technology to combat workforce shortages and staff burnout. She highlights how a facility with a shrinking workforce is more likely to experience adverse patient outcomes. 

There is incredible untapped potential in healthcare operations software to accelerate automation and innovation to help our caregivers get off the computer and back where they want to be: with patients, providing quality healthcare. With healthcare operations solutions, workforces can better understand gaps in staffing and support teams to identify patterns in care to improve patient outcomes.” 

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symplr Named Top Spend Management Solution in 2023 Black Book Ranking 

https___blackbookmarketresearch.com_administrator_sliderimg_1662134310 (1)symplr was recognized as the industry leader in Spend Management by Black Books’ Top Client-Rated Supply Chain Solutions Rankings. The award was based on a survey of 5,220 health system materials managers, executives, and industry professionals from hospitals and medical organizations based on customer experience, satisfaction, and 18 critical performance indicators. 

"Our latest survey revealed that 69% of senior leaders reported an absolute need for digital transformation in their supply chain divisions for the long-term survival of their healthcare organizations,” said Doug Brown, managing partner of Black Book. “symplr has proven to be a top choice for these leaders, with proven spend management solutions that hospitals need to thrive.”   

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Q&A with symplr CFO Hugo Doetsch 

Hugo_pic_copyLearn all about symplr’s new CFO Hugo Doetsch in this interview on He shares what inspired him to take his new role, how his prior experience has prepared him for the position, and his passion for making a difference. He discusses the importance of business operations and performance metrics — for symplr and our customers — to monitor progress and drive the best outcomes. He also shares his budgeting goals for symplr as we approach Q4 and head into 2024. 

The need for healthcare operations is significant and improvements in workforce management, quality, provider data, and contract spending can mean the difference between organizations surviving or thriving.” 

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Best practices for implementing healthcare operations solutions 

Nicole RogasNicole Rogas, symplr president, advises hospitals and health systems on how they can streamline operations and implement enterprise-wide solutions to address several challenges, including patient volume declines, revenue losses and skyrocketing expenses. 

In this Health Data Management article, Rogas explains, “Hospitals must be strategic when investing in new technologies to ensure that their investment provides the most value to the organization. Consolidating vendors and focusing on streamlining hospital operations through enterprise solutions, rather than chasing the latest shiny healthcare IT tool, is a sure way to guarantee ROI amid economic uncertainty.” 

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Health Policy and Evidence on What Make Medical Apps 

MeredithCallowayHealthIT Answers republished a symplr blog written by Meredith Calloway, Sr. Director of Content Operations, on mobile medical apps (MMAs) and how they can be used to treat or diagnose disease, support clinical decisions, and/or inform patient care management. She answers some of the top questions medical policy makers would have regarding MMAs, such as what are they, when do they need a prescription, and do they work? 

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