symplr in the Spotlight: December 2023

Welcome to the latest roundup of healthcare news from symplr! This month, we delve into a variety of pressing issues in healthcare operations, ranging from new compliance challenges to novel strategies to minimize medical burnout and enhance healthcare credentialing. Read insights from medical experts like Karlene Kerfoot, our Chief Nursing Officer, and Dr. Angel Mena, our Chief Medical Officer.  

How to use INTP strengths to level up your leadership prowess 

leadership_Brian_Fugeresymplr Chief Product Officer Brian Fugere was featured on the podcast, “Leadership from Within,” where he delves into how embracing your unique personality traits can pave the way for success. 


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Big returns from customer success 

BJ Schaknowski 120123NIcole Rogas 120123In this SBI Podcast episode, Tony Erickson talks with symplr CEO BJ Schaknowski and President Nicole Rogas to learn how symplr built a large, consolidated brand with a focus on customer success.  


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Why slimming down on software can streamline healthcare operations 

kristin-russel-headshot-squareIn this Health Data Management article, symplr CMO Kristin Russel highlights the urgent need for hospitals and health systems to streamline and integrate their healthcare operations. Russel says, “Working together, clinicians and IT leaders can increase their organization’s efficiency by implementing enterprise-wide technologies, eliminating communication breakdowns and building alignment across teams.” 

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HHS proposes rule to bolster prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of a disability 

headshot - foster pngFoster Sayers, VP of Legal Operations at symplr outlines the implications of a proposed rule aimed at eliminating biases in medical treatment decisions for individuals with disabilities. If enacted, this rule would necessitate policies that strictly prohibit medical decisions based on the perceived value of a person's life. Staff would require new training to understand and implement these policies, creating a new compliance challenge. 

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Minimizing medical burnout: Karlene Kerfoot of symplr shares insights with Medium 

karlene kerfootAs part of a series by Medium, Jake Frankel connects with symplr CNO Karlene Kerfoot, on the topic of healthcare worker burnout. Karlene shares stories and insights from her many years of experience working in the nursing industry and describes how hospitals and medical practices are helping to reduce physician and healthcare worker burnout.  

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Better credentialing can address challenges, improve care 

Angel Mena HeadshotDr. Angel Mena, Chief Medical Officer of symplr, discusses the significance of an efficient credentialing process in healthcare organizations. He emphasizes how outdated systems expose organizations to legal and financial risks and how a centralized system can mitigate these risks. He advocates for equipping medical staff office teams with automation, faster workflows, and modern technology to streamline the credentialing process. 

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