symplr in the Spotlight: February 2024

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Wishing you love and wellness this February, we're back with our monthly news digest focusing on the pulsing heart of the healthcare industry. In this edition, we'll dive into insightful articles where industry experts like Karlene Kerfoot and Bill Christy reveal cutting-edge strategies and technological solutions. Stay informed about the latest developments in healthcare operations software and discover how Provider Data Management (PDM) is revolutionizing the quality of care and organizational revenue.

symplr Time & Attendance wins Best in KLAS Award

symplr Workforce Management Time & Attendance SaaS solution is a Best in KLAS Award winner in the Software and Services category. This prestigious recognition from healthcare professionals who once again rank symplr No. 1 for their Time and Attendance technology reaffirms symplr’s excellence as a leader and innovator in workforce management software solutions. This recognition stems from symplr's commitment to simplify healthcare operations, ease staff frustrations, and align staffing with patients’ needs to improve productivity, outcomes, and manage costs.

Karissa Fuller Headshot“Over the last two decades, symplr’s dedication to supporting healthcare professionals and making their jobs easier is what drives our continued success and Best in KLAS recognition year after year,” said Karissa Fuller, Managing Director and SVP of Workforce Management at symplr. “We are proud to provide our customers with healthcare’s only end-to-end staffing software, and we will continue to invest in our Workforce Management solutions to deliver enterprise-wide insights to make healthcare operations simpler.”  

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How AI is improving cardiovascular imaging

Kaitlyn Wilkie, MBA, advisor for research and analysis with symplr, bylined an article in HealthCare Business News, in which she discusses advancements in CT technology and the impact of AI.

"AI is expected to continue to be a driving force in CT advancements and in meeting hospital and patient needs in the foreseeable future," Wilkie wrote.

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Top 4 quality areas to improve health outcomes in 2024

linda j-1Linda Justice, RN, MCSM, Senior Solutions Consultant with deep expertise in quality management, shares the results of a survey asking a group of healthcare customers about their quality priorities for 2024. The results revealed four major themes: analytics and reporting, simplified workflows, patient outcome improvement, and achieving health equity.

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How to transform your go-to-market strategy 

symplr Chief Marketing Officer Kristin Russel is quoted alongside other Forbes Council members who offered their top advice on how business leaders can level up their GTM strategy and ensure their capabilities and functions create both short-term growth in revenue and long-term profits.

kristin-russel-headshot-squareRussel said, "In any industry, there are two segments of people looking to buy: those buying now and those looking to buy later. You will meet your short- and long-term goals by integrating demand generation, brand and the “95-5 rule.” Lead generation captures the 5% of in-market buyers, and brand advertising creates demand among the 95% of out-market buyers—your future buyers creating long-term profits." 

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Optimizing your practice to solve staffing problems

KarleneKerfoot-headshot2symplr CNO Karlene Kerfoot PhD, RN, FAAN shares her insights on how organizations can combat the continued strain on the healthcare workforce, while still delivering exceptional patient care.

"There is incredible untapped potential in health care operations software to accelerate automation and innovation to help our caregivers get off the computer and back where they want to be: with patients, providing quality healthcare. With healthcare operations solutions, leaders can better understand gaps in staffing and support teams to identify patterns in care to improve patient outcomes."

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How PDM drives quality care & revenue

Bill ChristyBill Christy, SVP and Managing Director of Provider Data Management Solutions at symplr, discusses how managing the complexities of credentialing is more critical than ever and touches quality, revenue, and regulatory compliance. Christy shares why hospitals and health systems must rethink their tech stacks and processes to be successful in 2024 and beyond. He highlights the benefits of implementing an end-to-end PDM solution.

"High-quality PDM on the front end translates to higher-quality care and better outcomes on the back end. With a comprehensive PDM solution, healthcare organizations can achieve continuous data-driven quality improvements to their processes."

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