symplr in the Spotlight: January 2024

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Happy New Year, and welcome to this month's news roundup where we delve into the latest happenings and advancements within the healthcare sector. As we embark on another fast-paced year in healthcare IT, we'll explore a variety of topics ranging from innovation awards to in-depth insights from industry leaders. Join us as we discuss some of the key healthcare trends and predictions for 2024!

Technology is key to improving healthcare crisis

fast company logo 2-1In this Fast Company article, symplr CEO BJ Schaknowski emphasizes the pressing need for tech consolidation in healthcare. Highlighting findings from the symplr 2023 Compass Survey, Schaknowski asserts that tech adoption has consistently improved operational efficiency, productivity, and strategic decision-making in many sectors.

"We owe it to every element of our healthcare system, from workers to patients, to provide the necessary tools to emerge from this current crisis stronger."

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HDM roundtable with CNOs Karlene Kerfoot & Mary Beth Kingston

KarleneKerfoot-headshot2symplr CNO Dr. Karlene Kerfoot and EVP & CNO for Advocate Aurora Health, Dr. Mary Beth Kingston, were interviewed by Health Data Management, shedding light on critical issues, such as technology overload, nurse burnout, and the quest for efficient healthcare systems. They discuss symplr's recent Compass Survey results and suggest strategies to align different perspectives of clinical leaders and CIOs for improved governance and consideration of impact on frontline staff.

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Healthcare trends in 2024

kristin-russel-headshot-squareIn this article by symplr Chief Marketing Officer Kristin Russel, she shares eight key healthcare trends she believes will shape strategic decisions and investments across provider organizations and the industry as a whole. 

"Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, data-driven innovations will continue to push boundaries like never before."
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symplr Workforce wins 2024 BIG Innovation Award

Big-INNOVATION-2024-01We are proud to receive a BIG Innovation Award for symplr Workforce Management from the Business Intelligence Group. This business awards program recognizes organizations, products, and people that are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways. As a singular, designed-for-healthcare platform that manages all hospital staff needs, symplr's Workforce Suite helps combat significant issues clinicians face, including feeling overworked, marginalized, and burnt out due to staffing shortages, financial pressures, redundant administrative tasks, and cumbersome, disparate IT systems.

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Healthcare cybersecurity predictions

Saeed Vilian Headshot 2024symplr Chief Information Security Officer Saeed Valian joins the Healthcare IT Today community to share his insights on the future of healthcare cybersecurity in 2024.

"Healthcare will remain a top target for cyber-criminals, leading to further disruption of critical services and ransom. It’s up to hospitals to keep their patients’ information secure."

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Optimizing provider data management for efficient healthcare delivery

Patrick_HeadshotExecutive VP of Credentialing Operations at symplr, Patrick Birmingham, highlights the crucial role of provider data management systems in healthcare. With a predicted 40% growth in the number of healthcare providers over the next decade, efficient credentialing processes are vital to prevent workflow bottlenecks and ensure quality care. 

"Inadequate provider data management can be avoided if the right tools and processes are put into place, leading to less disruption and happier personnel in the hospital."
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