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Provider Enrollment Services Is An Advantage

Written by Patrick Birmingham | Feb 4, 2013 4:36:00 PM

It’s a fair assumption that healthcare providers didn’t become involved in medicine to fill out paperwork. No other vocation requires as much documentation and scrutiny which offers an opportunity for hospitals and other healthcare facilities when it comes to finding and hiring the best and brightest talent.

In short, finding the right talent, doctors and nurses, is expensive and requires a commitment to onboard them efficiently, allowing them to practice medicine and not bogging them down with paperwork. In fact, it could be a key reason why a provider chooses your organization over your competitor. Accomplishing this goal may seem a daunting task but partnering with a payor enrollment service can help immensely in several key areas:

Communicating About Every Detail

Payor Enrollment or credentialing is easy to say but difficult to accomplish without the proper resources as there are simply too many details to track and complete the process successfully without automation. In the rare case where all the information has been secured and recorded properly, it’s still challenging for the various departments to retrieve specific piece of data without a Herculean and time consuming effort. The ramifications of inefficient operations are significant in dealing with patient care; non-compliance with local and governmental payor requirements is realized as delayed or denied payments to the provider/or practice resulting in bad debt.

Engaging a provider enrollment service provider can deliver the knowledge, expertise and technology to simplify this process. Data can be centralized, monitoring of relevant information and activities can be automated and available real time for all stakeholders. It’s a win-win situation allowing providers and practice employees the opportunity to focus on patient care and allowing experts to work on their behalf to assist in ramping up their practice.

Digitizing All Documentation

In a similar vein, the archiving of backup documentation can be made simple and efficient. Instead of actual boxes of paper consuming valuable space, documents are digitized and stored electronically. Once the physical document is scanned, it rarely if ever needs to be physically produced again. Digitized documents are far easier to maintain, simpler to find and far more secure than their physical counterparts. In addition, providers can delegate scanning and concentrate on their patients and practice. Provider enrollment services can provide the software, industry knowledge and instill business practices to expedite enrollment and save your organization valuable time and money.

Automating as Much as Possible

The bottom line for 21st century healthcare providers and facilities is the landscape, both in medicine and technology, will evolve. The only way to remain competitive is to automate many of the routine tasks consuming inordinate amounts of provider and staff time to focus on delivering quality healthcare and not filling out forms in triplicate.

Hospitals and other facilities that wanting to hire and retain the best talent should focus on providing the highest level of service and automation to providers through a payor enrollment service partner. Providers will be more satisfied in receiving support assisting them with these required activities, staff will be more efficient and your organization will benefit from centralization. Standardizing processes and procedures will improve cash flow timeliness and reduce the risk of absorbing bad debt.