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Healthcare recruitment analysis, optimization, and continuous improvement reimagined

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Workforce Management | symplr Talent Management | Lean Human Capital

Healthcare recruitment analysis, optimization, and continuous improvement reimagined

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Build an elite recruiting organization by leveraging intelligence, analytics, benchmarks, and education


A data-driven talent acquisition operation

Continuous, comprehensive healthcare recruitment research supports Lean Human Capital’s advisory services. We analyze data and make it meaningful and actionable so your leaders and teams drive accountability, improvement, and transformational change.

Improved efficiency and effectiveness

We understand the unique challenges of healthcare staffing and through our research and industry expertise, we help organizations build a lean, scalable process and capabilities that improves performance in the areas of speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Deep analysis of performance against current national benchmarks

We use quantitative data, qualitative data, and leading practices research from hundreds of hospitals and health systems to deliver a rigorous analysis. The results are clarity and validation of your talent acquisition current state, and recommendations to reach elite performance.

An active community of like-minded healthcare talent acquisition leaders

Collaborate and innovate with TA leaders passionate about what they do and focused on continuous improvement. Participate in our members-only thought leadership conference, Innovation Base Camp, an engaging event that fosters creativity, inspires change, and empowers healthcare talent acquisition teams to achieve transformational excellence.

Improve performance outcomes 

Organizations that choose Lean Human Capital as their strategic partner improve performance outcomes and reduce costs by streamlining processes, improving hiring manager and candidate satisfaction, boosting patient/resident satisfaction through better hiring, and achieving transformational excellence.

We deliver a radical and proven approach to healthcare recruitment analysis, process optimization, and continuous improvement. By rationalizing your staffing supply chain, we help you create a proactive, efficient hiring strategy that will dramatically reduce time-to-fill and vacancy rates, improve quality-of-hire and customer satisfaction, and reduce cost and waste.

No other consultancy provides our toolkit, industry insights, roadmap, and results, with offerings such as our:

  • Comprehensive annual healthcare recruiting benchmarks
  • Healthcare-specific voice-of-the-customer survey assessments
  • Community forums where healthcare talent acquisition leaders share and learn from each other

And for those best-of-the-best healthcare organizations, Lean Human Capital recognizes elite-level performance with five categories of recognition in our annual Elite Honor Roll Awards.


Analytics and advisory services

Benefit from Lean Human Capital’s years of hands-on, healthcare talent acquisition experience to optimize all areas of your talent operations. 


Change management and community

You need help to truly transform your operations. You’re not alone with Lean experts and peers — plus our innovation base camps.


Performance benchmarking

Get a realistic view of how your overall function and individual recruiters are performing compared to current national benchmarks, and then focus on improvements. 


Training and certification overview

Learn leading practices to drive lean, efficient hiring processes in a certification program designed specifically for healthcare recruiters.


Voice of the customer assessments

Gain actionable insights from valuable hiring manager and candidate feedback to create raving fan customers.

Elite Honor Roll

Each year, we recognize recruitment organizations that perform at the Elite level with respect to productivity, process efficiency, responsiveness, and quality.
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The Recruiter Academy

The Recruiter Academy is the premier recruiter training program, offering training, methodologies, tools, techniques, and solutions for becoming an Elite recruiter. We offer the training through open enrollment and through private education programs.
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