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Healthcare visitor management software

Drive safety and compliance with a healthcare visitor management system that's simple for volunteers to use, yet robust enough to gather data for your C-suite. Get quick check-ins, customizable functions, and safety measures built-in, with symplr Access.

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Ensure compliance and safety for visitors, patients, and staff

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Fast check-ins

With check-ins that take under 30 seconds per visitor and no need to log in, your clerical and volunteer staff can quickly get visitors where they need to go.

Visitors can be checked in via personal ID, previous visitor search, or through manual registration.

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Leadership dashboards

Understand which visitors and vendors are on-site at a glance from a single dashboard. Filter by department or custom information, like a room number or patient name.

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Vendor cross-reference

Ensure that vendors are checking in through the appropriate check-in station with vendor cross-referencing: symplr vendors attempting to check in through a visitor management terminal are flagged, and can be checked in as vendors immediately.

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Set visitor limits and passwords

Set a maximum number of visitors by department based on your healthcare facility's unique needs. For patients who require higher levels of security, set individual passwords to restrict unexpected visitors.

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Deny access

Reinforce patient and staff safety with quick, effective Deny Access controls to flag bad actors. Deny Access alerts ensure the right people within your facility are notified about Deny Access activity.

Easily track and manage visitor access

The security of your facility affects everyone: patients, staff, providers, and your entire community. With symplr healthcare Visitor Management, your clerical and volunteer staff can check in visitors in 30 seconds or less, while collecting vital information that lets your administration and leadership know who's on-site at a glance at anytime.

Customizable fields make adapting to your facility's unique needs simple, so you can collect the information that's most important to you, like room number, visit purpose, or the number of children with each visitor.

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Connect patients with their loved ones

For patients in the hospital, love and support from visitors is vital. But the safety of your facility, staff and patients is equally important. symplr healthcare Visitor Management allows you to flag and deny access to visitors who pose a threat, set passwords for sensitive patients, and cross-reference your vendor population to ensure parties are checking in at the right place. 

In emergency, pandemic or unexpected situations, you can set visitor number limits on departments and easily access reporting to understand who was in a certain department in the event of an outbreak. At the end of the day, you'll ensure the safety of all while providing patients with much-needed comfort.

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Be prepared for emergency situations

When the unexpected hits, be ready with a healthcare visitor management platform that makes tracking visitors and vendors as simple as opening a dashboard. Quickly filter to departments, room numbers, patient names or other customizable information to determine who's currently onsite and needs to be accounted for.

In pandemic situations like COVID-19, where an outbreak is tracked to a certain department or room, symplr's integrated visitor management and vendor credentialing solutions help you pull retroactive reports of everyone who may have been in that location.

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