Provider Directory Software | symplr Directory

Improve healthcare operations with an enterprise provider data solution

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Provider Directory Software | symplr Directory

Improve healthcare operations with an enterprise provider data solution

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We help you navigate the complexities of managing provider data


Integrate all of your provider data in a central hub

Make your goal of maintaining a single, rich data profile for every credentialed and referring provider a reality. Then, continuously share updates enterprise wide.

Deliver a better customer experience

symplr Directory positions your healthcare organization to give patients and patient-access teams best-in-class provider search and scheduling capabilities in an easy-to-use solution.

Optimize network and revenue cycle performance

Drive up registration/scheduling, billing, and electronic health records performance with better data quality to improve service for referring providers and to reduce claims delays.

Power provider data management with accurate, curated information

A digital, central provider data hub

Health systems and payers need a digital front door to improve patients’ and members’ experiences, while simultaneously improving operational performance and reducing costs. symplr Directory provides an innovative, unique option: Efficiently and accurately organize and manage provider data in one scalable, cloud-based solution.

Our software serves as a central hub for provider data management. It optimizes data—people, places, and services—enterprise wide and in real time for use in electronic health records (EHR), on websites, in revenue cycle systems, and more. Its tools facilitate data management, provider outreach, and search and scheduling. All credentialed and referring provider and location data is continuously curated and shared with EHR, patient access, and other systems.


Best-in-class provider search


Match patients to the right provider

For patients, ensure optimal provider selection: in-network, available, conveniently located, and specialty/subspecialty appropriate.

Schedule directly in the electronic health record

Improve website and call center conversion rates, and drive down call volume and average call center handling times.

Instantly enroll missing providers

Eliminate delays in downstream revenue cycle activities and in communications with referring providers.

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