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How much time and money is your health system losing by managing provider data in multiple solutions?

Without accurate provider data, patient care and the financial health of your organization are at risk. Relying on the EHR or multiple solutions to manage provider data leads to missing and inaccurate provider data in critical circumstancesat the point of patient acquisition, referral, and paymentcosting a health system millions of dollars annually in delayed and lost revenue. 

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symplr Directory is the enterprise-wide hub for real-time provider data. It shares information with departments and solutions that consume provider data, ultimately increasing patient acquisition, decreasing patient leakage, and speeding up revenue cycles. 


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On average, symplr Directory customers experience a:

↑ $1 million

In revenue per $1 billion in net patient revenue

↓ 5%

Reduction in call center volume

↓ 80%

Reduction in time spent adding referring providers to the EHR