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Beyond the Digital Front Door: The Digital House

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As patients have become healthcare consumers, they’ve begun demanding a digital experience on par with typical e-commerce shopping: search, find, and buy with a click. Patients want the experience of accessing healthcare to be easy, convenient and fast.

This in itself is not a new realization: in recent years, health system marketing leaders have taken the initiative of building their system’s own digital front doors. 

But, a digital front door should be part of a larger digital transformation across your enterprise.  When approached from just a marketing lens, initiatives rarely meet the needs of patients, let alone those involved in the patient’s care, including caregivers, patient access teams, care coordinators, and increasingly important, your referring providers.

We propose that what health systems require is a digital house, not just a digital front door. Learn more about those survey results and how health systems are addressing those challenges.

Download this paper to learn strategies from your peers.

What you'll learn

Reading this paper, you'll learn:

  • The definition and framework for the digital house
  • How to take health system products, services, and inventory best to market utilizing a digital house’s architecture
  • What key infrastructure is needed to offer your patients a best-in-class experience
  • Steps to build and manage the digital house

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