HealthcareSource now a part of symplr

More than one-third of U.S. healthcare organizations choose HealthcareSource solutions.

Why? Simply put, our approach works. We are the only talent management solutions provider that combines innovative technology, a customer-first philosophy, and focusing on healthcare alone.

With a combined approach that focuses on both customer needs and data-driven insights, HealthcareSource brings a human element to the science of talent management. While competitors target multiple industries, HealthcareSource remains dedicated solely to healthcare—just like you. We understand your greatest challenges and provide the most effective solutions.

We are continuously inspired to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) talent management solutions that can be implemented quickly, make compliance easier, and deliver real value for healthcare organizations.

HealthcareSource & symplr

With the addition of HealthcareSource, symplr offers customers industry-leading solutions to improve hiring speed, staff engagement, team skillsets, and employee retention while reducing premium labor spend. When combined with symplr’s existing workforce management solutions and deep credentialing capabilities, the combined end-to-end Patient Centered Workforce® solution will make it easier for healthcare organizations to hire, keep, optimize, and grow their workforce.

The acquisition of HealthcareSource represents symplr’s twelfth acquisition in the past six years and its seventh under sponsorship from Clearlake and SkyKnight since November 2018. The addition of HealthcareSource is yet another example of symplr’s commitment to delivering the industry’s deepest healthcare operations and governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) SaaS portfolio.

symplr Talent Management Solutions (formerly HealthcareSource)

symplr understands that a great workforce strategy goes beyond recruiting. We recognize how recruiters, hiring managers, learning and development professionals, and compensation specialists must work together to hire and develop high-performing teams and leaders in healthcare. We have the software, services, content, and data you need to move your workforce forward, supporting recruitment, employee development, and performance management.


Talent Acquisition

  • Use configurable, data-driven recruitment marketing techniques to attract, engage and build relationships with highly qualified talent in your area.
  • Match applicants’ work preferences with job openings so your team can focus on jobs with high-volume openings and low availability of qualified talent.
  • Communicate and coordinate tasks more effectively among stakeholders, including applicants, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Quickly fill positions by posting job openings to our healthcare-focused Job Board (previously online bulletin board), making it easy for prospective employees to apply for those posted jobs.  
  • Reduce new-hire turnover by predicting applicants’ likelihood for job success, service excellence, and long-term retention.

Employee Performance

  • Create a high-performance culture through ongoing coaching, feedback, and professional development.
  • Engage and inspire employees to achieve their objectives.
  • Create employee development plans using scientifically validated assessment techniques.
  • Plan for tomorrow by identifying your potential leaders today.

Learning & Development

  • Build resilience by putting employee development at the core of your workforce planning strategy.
  • Embrace adaptive educational learning techniques to reduce reliance on classrooms and to better engage employees with online instruction of healthcare education and staff training tools like Minute Mandatories®
  • Proactively close skills gaps by creating a culture of continuous learning, track skill progression, and decrease time to competency.

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Current customers

For over two decades, HealthcareSource’s mission has been to help healthcare organizations hire, keep, and grow quality talent to more effectively and efficiently deliver quality care for their patients and residents. Now, as part of symplr, we can better deliver on this promise through the expanded breadth and depth of the symplr software and services portfolio, driving even more impactful results for our customers and continue to deliver on our promise of HealthcareSource “Quality Talent. Quality Care.” We’re excited to share that opportunity with you.