symplr Undergoes Name Change to symplr software LLC: Frequently Asked Questions

symplr has officially changed our name from "Vendor Credentialing Service LLC" to "symplr software LLC"

On July 19, 2022, symplr received notice that our application for a certificate of amendment to officially change our name from "Vendor Credentialing Service LLC" to "symplr software LLC" was accepted by the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas, the state in which symplr is headquartered.

No action on the part of symplr customers or users is necessary as a result of this legal name change.

We anticipate that the amendment will have little impact on our customers or partners. However, symplr will remove the name Vendor Credentialing Service LLC from customer and public-facing materials, including all legal documentation. 

We provide answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at or 866-373-9725.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

As a symplr customer, what do I need to do?  

No action is required on your part. In the event you have questions, please direct them to or 866-373-9725.

If I signed a contract with Vendor Credentialing Service LLC, is it still valid? 

Yes; contracts signed with Vendor Credentialing Service LLC are still valid and are managed under the comprehensive symplr portfolio of contract and obligations.  

If a contract is already in place using the name Vendor Credentialing Service LLC, does it need to be changed to reflect the new name?  

No; the contract remains valid and still reflects the symplr brand. In many contracts “symplr” is used throughout as a dba of Vendor Credentialing Service LLC.   

What are the implications of this name change?  

The implications are minimal.  For some time we have been doing business as symplr. This legal amendment solidifies the symplr name and ultimately makes it less confusing for our customers and vendors when they are contracting with symplr. Going forward, new contracts will be executed under the new name symplr software LLC.

What is a certificate of amendment for a name change?  

A certificate of amendment is a document that is filed with the state, in this case Texas, where a company is headquartered. The amendment changes the certificate of formation to update the article or provision that names the filing entity.  symplr’s original filing entity was Vendor Credentialing Service LLC. With the current amendment, we have updated the certificate of filing to symplr software LLC. 

Where can I address questions/concerns?

Please direct any questions or concerns to or 866-373-9725.

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