symplr in the Spotlight, January 2023

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Healthcare operations are key to lasting, positive change


symplr CEO BJ Schaknowski was published in Fast Company in an op-ed discussing why health systems must invest in healthcare operations software. He wrote, "Today, we have a limited window of time to address the failings the pandemic exposed and make lasting, positive changes. ... If we want to achieve better outcomes in the future, we need to act now by addressing the systemic weaknesses that leave healthcare organizations exposed."

Doing so, he asserted, starts with a shift in philosophy. Discussions and efforts to improve healthcare outcomes tend to prioritize the most visible aspects of the healthcare experience: the patient- and provider-facing elements. "[The] truth is that many challenges in the healthcare industry are fundamentally operational. They start with the essential components that make a health system run, like provider credentialing and enrollment, scheduling, and clinical communication and collaboration. Neglecting foundational workforce and provider data management functions wastes precious resources and creates inefficiencies that permeate our health systems," Schaknowski wrote.

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Business of healthcare and value-based care: 2023 health IT predictions

symplr CEO BJ Schaknowski is quoted alongside other healthcare executives who offer their predictions regarding the healthcare industry’s financial outlook in 2023. Schaknowski said, “In the coming year, the greater economy’s financial concerns are reflected in the healthcare industry. Budgets will remain stretched as decision-makers navigate rising inflation, diminishing reimbursements, and increased supply chain issues all while addressing staffing and burnout concerns. Increasingly, stakeholders will need to prioritize system interoperability and cost-optimizing solutions that leverage data-driven insights. Organizations should expect financial pressures to drive decision making in the new year.”

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Leadership skeptical about remote work? 15 ways to close the gap

leadership_Brian_Fugeresymplr Chief Product Officer Brian Fugere is quoted alongside other Forbes Council Members who offer their insights on remote work and how to allay potential concerns and skepticism among senior leadership. 

Fugere is quoted in the article as saying, “As a fully remote organization, [symplr has] reinvigorated the company culture and increased feedback and communication between leadership and employees. Open communication has been incredibly effective to recognize employee efforts and success while also ensuring that both personal and organizational goals are being met amid the transition to a remote workforce.”

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Trendwatch 2023: what’s ahead in healthcare

symplr is mentioned as a notable vendor working to help improve the procurement process and manage spending in this trend forecasting article that reflects on the post-pandemic healthcare environment. 

While healthcare has not been immune to inflation, costs in the industry have been increasing at a notably lower rate than most other sectors of the economy. Due to nuances in how healthcare costs are negotiated, insurance premiums are set, and the intricacies within the healthcare supply chain, lower-than-expected healthcare inflation is driven by a time delay in inflation’s impact on healthcare rather than a reflection that this industry has suddenly gotten better at controlling costs. However, the healthcare industry is likely going to feel the delayed impact of inflation in 2023 in a more significant way than it has up to this point in the current economic cycle. Predicted inflationary pressure areas include: clinical wage, non-clinical wage, increased manufacturing, supply chain and operational costs, provider cost increases, and insurance premium increases.

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Leader to Leader Podcast: healthcare made symplr

Digital Health Leaders Podcast released an episode with Brian Fugere, chief product officer at symplr. Fugere explained the challenge healthcare organizations face today of managing hundreds of disparate systems from hundreds of different vendors. Brian discusses the mission of symplr and how it provides value to customers. 

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