symplr Spotlight: Tech Triumphs, Expert Accolades, and Insights

Each month we bring you a roundup of achievements and thought leadership in the healthcare industry. From innovative tech solutions to esteemed professionals, symplr and our customers continue to make waves across the healthcare landscape.

Cone Health sees big win with symplr's Quality Review Software 

Cone Health is at the forefront of healthcare IT success, thanks to symplr's Quality Review software. Featured in Healthcare IT News, Cone Health's streamlined peer review process is making waves. Elisa Haynes, RN, medical staff quality coordinator at Cone Health, emphasizes the importance of digitizing the peer review process and “its substantial role in the success of healthcare organizations and providers on their teams.” This transformation is not only critical for healthcare organizations but also directly impacts patient outcomes, compliance, and reimbursement within value-based care systems. Cone Health's journey showcases how symplr's innovative solutions and team support are reshaping the industry.

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Kristin Russel shines as Top Woman in Marketing 

Kristin Russel, symplr’s Chief Marketing Officer, takes her place among PR Daily's Top Women in Marketing. This well-deserved recognition highlights her excellence in the field and positions her alongside other distinguished women in marketing. Russel's strategic contributions continue to drive symplr's visibility and success. For the full list of winners, check out PR Daily's 2023 Top Women in Marketing.

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Best practices for implementing healthcare operations solutions

Brian Fugere, Chief Product Officer at symplr, shares his expertise on implementing healthcare operations solutions in a challenging climate. Forbes features Fugere's insights on adopting consolidated enterprise-level solutions to support strategic imperatives. He explains, “Health systems that follow in the footsteps of tech and e-commerce to implement consolidated solutions that incorporate more of their operational needs can have a leg up, from improving financial margins to reducing worker burnout and ensuring regulatory compliance.” Fugere underscores the significance of vendor partnerships that deliver immediate returns on investment. By embracing centralized approaches, healthcare systems can thrive despite financial challenges.

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Hugo Doetsch takes the helm as Chief Financial Officer

Hugo Doetsch steps into the role of Chief Financial Officer at symplr as spotlighted in Healthcare Business Today. With a distinguished background spanning two decades in financial and operational leadership, Doetsch is poised to contribute to symplr's momentum overseeing financial operations and strategy. His appointment aligns with symplr's commitment to addressing healthcare organizations' operational and efficiency needs and helping customers transform. BJ Schaknowski, CEO of symplr, looks forward to leveraging Doetsch's expertise for continued growth and innovation.

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AHA spotlights Dee Donatelli's prestigious leadership award 

Dee Donatelli, Senior Director of symplr Spend, earns the esteemed George R. Gossett Leadership Award from the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management. This accolade, featured by the American Hospital Association, recognizes Donatelli's exceptional leadership and professionalism in the healthcare supply chain. This is the group’s highest honor and Donatelli’s significant contributions to advancing the industry and AHRMM underscores symplr’s commitment to excellence.

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Ali Morin's nursing insights on supporting a changing workforce

Ali Morin, VP of Nursing Informatics at symplr, brings her nursing expertise to the forefront, shedding light on the ongoing challenges and innovative strategies to bolster the nursing profession amidst record-high burnout and staffing shortages. In a recent Health 2.0 panel and related blog, she shares perspectives shaped by her dual roles as a nurse and informaticist, that support transformative solutions.

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