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By: symplr on January 4th, 2013

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Information Silos in Healthcare

Credentialing | Healthcare Provider Credentialing

CredentialingInformation about healthcare providers - whether it is a doctor, dentist, nurse, or another type of provider - is key for organizations to confirm and enhance the safety of their patients. However, if that information is not easy to document, collect, track, analyze and share it puts the organization and its patients at risk.

Provider Onboarding

One of the most important responsibilities for a healthcare organization is to utilize qualified providers. It is important to verify the provider is who they say they are and that they are qualified to perform the necessary procedures. Once the provider passes this initial credentials check, the process repeats every two years, at a minimum.


During the time a provider is working at your organization, different departments should be tracking information about that provider to ensure they are performing the necessary number of procedures, benchmarking their performance, and gathering other quality & risk information. This information should be used to determine if the provider should be re-credentialed when the time comes.

Information Accuracy and Sharing

To make the most of the information gathered throughout your organization, it is vital to implement a solution that integrates all the key areas that have information about a provider. Generally, these areas involve credentialing, payor enrollment, quality, risk, and billing. The solution should be able to provide important analytics through near real-time charts and graphs without needing any manual intervention.

The Right Solution for Your Organization

When choosing a technology solution, be sure to consider what information is needed and what departments have that information. Also ensure that the solution helps accomplish some of your biggest obstacles, like ease of reporting to meet standards such as Joint Commission.

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