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Matt Thomas

By: Matt Thomas on August 24th, 2017

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Event Reporting: By the Numbers

Event Reporting


Reporting and statistics are necessary to ensure we’re achieving our top potential, both personally and professionally. As professionals, we use various tools daily to assess performance, stay on track, and make educated decisions about the future. The ability to track and trend indicators is enhanced when accurate data is being documented in real time.

Reports are key tools that present and illustrate your data. Once you’ve determined which reports are necessary, it’s imperative that you can trust the numbers and accuracy of the data you’re receiving.

In any profession in which research plays a pivotal role, it’s important to have the evidence to validate results. Perhaps you’ve been in a meeting with a provider who’s questioned the validity of a report. Providers are trained to think scientifically, so it's natural for them to critique and question certain numbers more; especially when it relates to metrics representing their performance. When presenting event reporting data, it’s essential that you are prepared for questions and confident in the process or system you’re using to share results.

How to Ensure Accurate Data

Even when you’ve worked diligently to ensure accuracy, it can be difficult to defend manual collection metrics. We meet with hospitals every day that are without event reporting software, or hear that their current software isn’t robust enough to be of value to the team making outcome and patient care decisions. In either situation, you spend more time than necessary chasing data – only to have its validity questioned. Having robust Event Reporting Software (ERS) in place can streamline and simplify validating data quality for hospitals and staff.

What to Look for in Event Reporting Software

Event reporting software should do several things, including:

  • Store events so data can be input once and made accessible for reporting and analytics
  • Provide an incident report form that can be accessed anywhere on any device or intranet
  • Aggregate data and produce reporting metrics you can trust
  • Track indicators, including multiple indicators on one event
  • Manage events
  • Generate communication assignments in real time
  • Integrate with your organization’s provider management software; such as credentialing, privileging, peer review, and focused/ongoing professional practice evaluations (FPPE/OPPE)

Confidently reporting data is achievable with the right event reporting software. Using it ensures the risk of errors from manual calculations or missing data will become a distant memory. With a robust, reliable ERS, everything can be documented electronically, available for analytics and integrated with other applications in real time. These capabilities remove the factor of human error and give you the confidence to respond to questions about the data, whether from providers or governing bodies.

Measuring the quality of health care is important because it tells us how a health system is performing and leads to improved care. When measuring quality of care, event reporting serves as an important influence on improving patient safety. Event reporting can provide valuable insights into events that may compromise patient care, help to identify the root causes of incidents, and help to prevent future incidents—all of which contribute to improving the quality of healthcare organizations.

This is an update of our previous blog post, "Event Reporting, Are Those Numbers Correct?"


About Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas is a Product Manager at symplr in Overland Park, Kansas. Matt has been part of the symplr/Cactus team for over 10 years in roles ranging from training, implementation and technical consulting to business analysis and Cactus product management. Matt works with both clients and symplr development and operations departments to ensure the vision of the Cactus interface applications, web applications, peer review, quality, and event reporting products meets our clients’ needs.