When meeting with a panel of our customers a few weeks ago, several clients pointed out that it makes no sense to declare any area of the hospital to be “administrative” only; the entire hospital is a patient care area. Just because you’re on your way down to the Purchasing Office in the basement doesn’t mean you won’t have to pass through a patient floor. If you do manage to avoid a patient hallway, you’ll probably be on an elevator where a patient is being transported. It’s nearly impossible to avoid patient areas and it’s absolutely impractical to pretend otherwise.

This theme hit (a little too) close to home when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that a man returning to Dallas, TX from Liberia fell ill and was diagnosed with Ebola. There’s no telling how many paths he crossed with clinicians, staff, contractors, sales reps, other visitors, and patients.

The implication is clear: in addition to ensuring that infection prevention practices are in place, now, more than ever, it’s vital to maintain accurate records of anyone in your facility. You never know when you’ll need that information.

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