Visitor Management | symplr Access

Safely bring together patients and their loved ones

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Visitor Management | symplr Access

Safely bring together patients and their loved ones

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We help you navigate the complexities of facility access management


Prioritize security and compliance

Site security affects everyone: patients, staff, providers, and your entire community. Managing risk starts with knowing exactly who is in your facility.

Prepare for emergency situations

In a crisis, a pandemic, or any disaster situation, you need to rapidly address the circumstances that impact visitor policies and procedures.

Efficiently manage check-ins

Volunteers and clerical staff require an easy-to-use solution to quickly check in visitors and help them navigate to their loved one.

Reinforce patient and staff safety with a robust visitor management tool

Healthcare visitor management software drives safety and compliance

symplr Access enables fast visitor check-ins, typically in fewer than 30 seconds, and collects vital information that lets you know who's on-site at a glance, at any time. Customizable fields make the solution adaptable to your needs, so you gather the data most important to you, like room number or visit purpose.

Flag and deny access to visitors who pose a threat, set passwords for sensitive departments, and cross-reference your vendor population to ensure each individual checks in following the appropriate credential requirements. Set visitor number limits on departments, and easily access reports to understand who was in a certain department at any given time. At the end of the day, you'll ensure the safety of everyone in your facility, while providing patients with much-needed comfort and peace of mind.


Manage visitors with ease, speed, and confidence


Check in visitors quickly

Give clerical staff or volunteers the tools to quickly check in visitors via personal ID, previous visitor search, or manually.

Customize the information collected

Collect the information that's most important to your organization, like room number or visit purpose—and change the criteria as needed.

Cross-reference symplr’s vendor database

Immediately flag vendors attempting to check in through a visitor management terminal, and re-route them appropriately.

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