Expect more from your workforce management strategy

Go from volume to value by optimizing your most costly operating expense: the workforce.

Developed specifically for healthcare, our solutions help you optimize your workforce to manage premium labor costs, increase staff engagement, and elevate quality of care through technology, analytics and consultative services.

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API Healthcare drives five balanced outcomes for our customers.

API Healthcare drives five balanced outcomes

For over 35 years, API Healthcare has helped hospitals and health systems develop workforce management strategies that contain costs without sacrificing quality of care.



How is each shift staffed? Does the nurse delivering care have the right credentials to meet patient needs? The answers to these questions impact a range of clinical outcomes, from mortality to patient falls to hospital-acquired conditions.


Labor is a healthcare organization’s most costly operating expense. A strong workforce management strategy keeps labor costs contained and provides additional revenue opportunities.
Staff engagement

Staff engagement

Can one solution help you increase retention and productivity? Staffing has an enormous impact on staff satisfaction, leading to better engagement.
Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction

When nurses and staff are more engaged and satisfied, patients win. When patients win, you win.


Are you confident your workforce management and staffing policies are aligned with federal and state laws, union agreements and corporate guidelines?

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Turn workforce data into better outcomes.


API Healthcare provides integrated, healthcare-specific workforce management solutions and services that empower customers to use staff, patient and operational data to drive improvements in clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, staff engagement, patient satisfaction, and compliance.

KLAS new footerWe are very proud to return to our long-standing position as the top-performing time and attendance vendor according to KLAS.

Our solutions and services include:

Solutions Services
  • Time and Attendance
  • Staffing and Scheduling
  • Patient Classification
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Outcomes Analytics
  • Early engagement
  • Implementation
  • Optimization

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Driving workforce optimization for our customers.

A large health system in the Southeast experienced a $23.7M labor cost avoidance in less than 2 years.
A hospital in the Northeast reduced overtime by 50% while improving safety and satisfaction.
A customer in the Southeast achieved an 84% fill rate for open shifts.
A large health system in the Northeast reduced travelers by 75% and had an ROI between $3M and $17M annually over the last 6 years.
A medical system in the South reduced their operating costs by 3%, with labor cost savings of $2.5M in 8 months and OT reduction to 2-3% from 4-5%.
A health system in the Southeast saved $3M in one year with standardized policies and technology to better control OT.

Trends in workforce management

Your workforce management strategy impacts quality of care, staff engagement and the bottom line. Learn more about the latest evidence-based practices for getting more outcomes for your health system.
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