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symplr Quality automates workflows and gives insight for education and improvement using performance data. Maintain strict control over the quality measures affecting reimbursement.

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Drive quality patient care and provider success with your evaluations

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Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)

  • Track privilege use and trend quality indicators—CMS core measures, case reviews, and more
  • Match provider performance measures to organizational improvement initiatives
  • Easily benchmark and run OPPE reports at any time
  • Import medical or billing history for insight

Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE)

  •  Get configurable, consistent, and automated management of initial and for-cause FPPE
  • Evaluate providers using any monitoring method
  • Send FPPE to peer review or include it in OPPE or an improvement plan
  • Access the reviewer portal on any device

Performance-Improvement Focused Peer Review

  • Convert paper peer review policies and procedures into an automated workflow, for a repeatable, defendable process
  • Enable reviewers to check status, perform reviews, and upload from anywhere
  • Create standard processes based on your bylaws, policies, and procedures

Event Reporting

  • Collect and monitor incidents, complaints, improvements, audits, etc.
  • Enable event reporting from desktop or mobile
  • Use internationally recognized analytical methods to review events and initiate improvement processes
  • Analyze and learn from events; share insights using robust reporting

Quality Issue Manager for Payers

  • Collect and track any managed care and provider network quality-related data
  • Configure notifications and assignments by location, department, issue type, or by a specific indicator
  • Pass cases requiring medical review to the Quality Review Workflow solution

What our clients say about us

Provider Management & Quality Platforms

“The Joint Commission surveyor just finished reviewing our OPPE Reports from your system and had no suggestions or recommendations for them. Great job and thank you symplr!”

Nancy M.

Provider Management Platform

“Our symplr products have increased our efficiency and accuracy. We are a stronger and better-prepared department. symplr is on the forefront of innovation to offer expanded services to their clients.”

Jolee M.

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