Midas Care Management

Efficiently measure and manage risk, quality, and safety

Simplify data gathering, collaboration, and reporting to manage quality, patient safety, and risk. Drive an integrated approach to quality and safety across the enterprise with a centralized real-time database. Create customized workflows and reports to track and trend patient events.

Improve patient outcomes, internal efficiencies, and minimize financial penalties

Monitor and improve quality and risk in real-time
Empower your team to make data-driven decisions. Efficiently identify opportunities for intervention, analyze undesirable outcomes during treatment, assess results after intervention, and recognize opportunities for improvement within the peer review process.
Drive consistent quality of care across all care settings
Aggregate and normalize clinical data from multiple EMRs, outpatient settings, spreadsheets, and more in real-time to provide a holistic view of quality and risk across your organization.
Streamline workflows and free up time for patient care
Create customizable workflows and reporting of adverse patient events. Leverage electronic data collection forms and templates to allow for timely entry of quality events from within the EMR. Use self-serve custom data collection tools without need for hard coding or report writers.
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When it comes to making critical decisions for patients, do you have access to real-time data?

Stale data impacts your ability to improve patient outcomes

The inability to access real-time quality and risk data affects critical decision-making, patient care, outcomes, and safety. Hospitals and health systems need current data and measures to quickly identify areas of concern and make decisions to mitigate risk and ensure positive patient outcomes.

Inconsistent delivery of care negatively impacts quality and increases risk

The inability to aggregate and analyze data from multiple sources, such as different EMRs across care settings, lab, pharmacy, surgery information systems, spreadsheets, and more in real-time makes it difficult to assess quality and risk across your organization accurately. 

Manual processes and multiple vendors decrease time for patient care

Entering events by hand and coordinating across departments to share data stored in multiple systems takes much time. The lack of automation increases the likelihood of data errors and decreases the time healthcare providers have to spend with patients.


Take charge of your risk, quality, and safety data with Midas Care Management

Midas Care Mangement - Quality Review

Empower healthcare teams to make data-driven decisions in real-time

Efficiently identify indications for intervention, analyze undesirable outcomes during treatment, assess functionality after intervention, and recognize opportunities for improvement within the peer review process.

  • Automate data entry: Enable entry of quality events and outcome data through a real-time platform
  • Track activities: Identify and track provider-attributed events and cases to resolution
  • Manage through a chain of command: Define and document steps and reviews of risk and quality events through multiple individuals, services, and committees to the final disposition of the peer review process
  • Monitor key quality measures: Measure care delivery quality indicators by provider, undesirable outcomes during treatment, appropriateness of interventions taken, and mortality and morbidity review initiatives
Midas Care Management - Risk Event

Automate risk event data collection, reporting and analysis

Easily document patient or non-patient-related occurrences such as safety events, medication errors, falls, equipment concerns, and near misses with customizable forms. Attribute events to individual physicians, employees, and hospital departments for tracking through a referral process.

  • Holistic risk event management: Supports patient relations, claims, workers compensation and employee health management
  • Consolidated view: Consolidate data from multiple sources to produce robust reports that generate actionable outcomes
  • Trend tracking: Track and trend adverse patient safety and patient relations events by facility, location, event type, and many other data elements
  • Remote Data Entry (RDE): Report events and incidents through your intranet to increase reporting while decreasing the time needed for entry
  • Streamline workflows: Improve efficiency of reporting and follow up with EMR event linking and email linking
Midas Care Management - Worklist

Streamline case management with personalized worklists and integrations

A centralized worklist tool integrates electronic health records, physician advisor referrals, medical necessity products, and discharge placement for efficient reporting and documentation. Automated workflows help case management teams focus on subjective items and improve daily operational efficiency, including provided checklists with reminders to complete actionable tasks.

  • Automate case assignment based on prioritization and rules logic such as facility, location, room, service, payer, and more
  • Identify notifications for real-time updates, early intervention, or changing data that impacts clinical decision-making
  • Tailor notifications based on history, such as chronic disease or risk assessment
  • Make additions or modifications to dictionaries, forms, user fields, and reports
  • Stay on top of changes or requirements necessary for regulatory or governmental agencies
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for insights on average length of stay (ALOS), geometric mean length of stay (GLOS), readmission rate, physician query rate and case mix
  • Track variances by department or provider and drill down deeper to investigate and document root causes
Midas Care Management - Focus Study

Track the data most important to your organization

Use focus studies, self-serve custom data collection tools, to create custom forms and reports. Track a particular patient population, document hospital processes, or create custom data entry fields to supplement standard Care Management modules quickly and promptly document an event with stand-alone web access to forms.

  • Create custom forms to collect data and responses important to you
  • Define fields for data collection without developers or additional resources
  • Retrieve and display reports for any data collected in Focus Studies
  • Capture data at the patient, encounter, and process levels
  • Replace paper forms with digital forms accessible through a web browser
  • Configure rules and logic to meet your specific data collection needs and processes

Make life easier for front-line staff with EMR Event Linking

EMR Event Linking, a web-based application, allows front-line staff to report patient safety events and patient experiences quickly and easily from within the EMR. This integration capability eliminates the need for additional patient lookup and reduces the number of screens users must open to complete event reports. EMR Event Linking automatically populates many required fields with data from the EMR, streamlining the workflow and empowering staff to spend less time entering patient data and more time caring for patients.

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Improve standards of care while reducing risk and financial penalties

Advance operational and clinical performance, compare against curated benchmark data, and gain visibility enterprise wide. Track and trend performance over time, proactively manage and mitigate risk, make data-driven decisions amid regulatory changes, and foster a safe care environment for all.

Midas Care Management puts you in the driver’s seat across an array of healthcare management needs with specially designed modules.

Risk Management
  • Unify risk management practices across your organization using shared tools and electronic incident reporting, proactively improving processes, quality, and efficiency.
  • Track and trend adverse patient safety and patient relations events within your organization by facility, location, event type, and many other data elements.
  • Receive consistent data through electronic reporting with standardized forms in Care Management or through remote data entry.
Quality Management
  • Electronically enter data about quality events and episodes to capture outcome data.
  • Identify provider-attributed events and track the review process simultaneously through multiple committees to final resolution.
  • Customize templates to capture reviewers’ questions and comments to facilitate in the peer review process.
Case Management
  • Digital workflows provide streamlined processes and support the complete case management life cycle.
  • Track admission and continued stay reviews, utilization, denial management, transitions of care, discharge planning needs, and more.
  • Third-party decision support integration:
    • Evidence-based care guidelines through Change Healthcare® and MCG Health®
    • Integration with CarePort® powered by WellSky® for post-discharge placement


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