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Welcome. Thank you for looking to symplr for Peer Review. Peer Review is a workflow automation tool from the trusted legal source of Horty Springer. symplr uses powerful tools and analytics to have a systematic, effective and efficient process.  

Let’s see that in action.    

symplr Peer Review is extremely configurable. The dashboard gives an overview of current cases and easy to manage drill downs. During implementation, symplr builds and customizes peer review to fit your workflow processes by building these electronic workflows, symplr guides and trains users to follow policies, procedures and bylaws. This assists in training new committee members and work groups.

Most hospitals do peer review by paper. With symplr peer review workflow becomes a web based electronic workflow. This way providers can log in from a fully SSL and hepa compliant data center from any device with connection to the internet. Cases are easily reviewed and managed electronically.      

symplr can interface with medical records such as McKissen and Epic so that committee members and reviewers can open up the chart from the Symplr application securely by entering in the EMR password. Within an individual case, supporting documentation can be attached through a browse and attach, scanning or copy and pasting from the EMR. Within each case a person or a work group can log in and review the case progress and notes from previous work groups and individuals, plus perform their own individual tasks. Access levels to any information by work group or provider can be customized.

With Horty Springer, save on legal fees, give the most updated state statutes for peer review. The case log shows an electronic list of all cases. Cases can be opened all along progress by different work groups and managed. Each work group can the forward to the next work group until the case is closed. Cases are then archived and easily searched through by filters. Once there is n further review or action required you can close the case.                           

Within symplr, many robust reports are available in order to mine your data. Run reports by event providers, case, department indicators it even by committee. Trend and track by any filter

If you would like to schedule a demo, please reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call today at (844) 242-4977.

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