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Answer your clinicians’ call for holistic, fast, and secure mobile messaging

We help you navigate the complexities of role-based messaging

End the drain of inefficient communications
When clinicians use a fragmented mix of email, texts, calls, and pagers to coordinate patient care, inefficiencies abound. We have your single source of truth solution to achieve successful and economically advantageous clinical collaboration.
Connect with on-call providers in real time
Our Secure Messaging feature provides role-based messaging to streamline workflows and communication, speed critical/care team coordination, reduce the time for determining who’s on-call, and minimize physician interruptions.
Accurately portray patient context in messages
Our Patient Coordinator module keeps the focus on patients. Securely attach data to text messages, giving care teams fast access to patient name, MRN, DOB, and room number. Or link a patient’s record to a message via an integration with an EHR feed.

Improved clinical communications equate to better care

Benefit from clinician-designed messaging technology

Clinical communications carry significant weight and urgency. Done well, they contribute to improved healthcare operations and better outcomes. symplr’s Secure Messaging is part of our unified clinical collaboration platform, symplr Clinical Communications, that delivers sensitive information to the right person, role, or team in real-time.

The tool is feature-rich for administrators: Batch delete, create distribution lists and blasts, and use robust analytics and reporting. For clinicians, we offer the messaging features that providers and support staff need to keep their focus sharp and prevent fatigue. They can create, send, receive, and act on information efficiently and effectively while coordinating with colleagues by:

  • Marking any message as urgent; recipients can set different sounds for urgent messages
  • Setting themselves as off duty for specified dates and times (includes an emergency override feature)
  • Attaching high-resolution photos, videos, voice memos, and documents
  • Creating personal and ad-hoc groups and distribution lists

Collaborate to drive quality patient care and provider success

Give clinicians a “gatekeeper”
This feature assigns a proxy to screen messages and alerts when the intended recipient is unavailable while delivering care. Screened messages and alerts are available to the original recipient. An emergency override allows the sender to send the message anyway in case of an emergency.
Use set-and-forget “forwards”
Users can auto-forward messages to an individual, team, or service for a specified period. The sender is notified of the new recipient(s) before the text is sent and can choose not to send the text message to the new recipient(s).
Expand your messaging platform
Build onto your solution as needed: Let users receive messages via non-smartphone modalities, eliminate call center services by transforming pages into secure messages, link with other healthcare entities using Secure Messaging, and allow users to search the NPI database.

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