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Get a comprehensive scheduling solution designed by and clinicians

We help you navigate the complexities of on-call scheduling

Use a single tool for scheduling
On-Call Scheduling gives you the ability to create, manage, and deploy all schedules on one platform enterprise wide. Even in cases where a department/facility uses third-party scheduling software, auto-import the schedules desired
Foster high user adoption
Meet clinicians’ needs by giving them an adaptable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive on-call tool. Providers gain instant access to their schedules on the same device they use for secure messaging, VoIP calls, and critical alerts.
Achieve mission-critical team collaboration
Enable administrators to create the roles and teams needed for optimal on-call scheduling: Role-based, clinical, academic, and critical care. Then, give individuals/teams the freedom to swap shifts with colleagues, providing coverage flexibility.

Streamlined scheduling, coverage lead to better care

Benefit from clinician-designed on-call scheduling technology

Provider on-call scheduling affects patients, staff, hospital operations, and the bottom line. It doesn’t have to be challenging or financially draining to maintain a master schedule and additional schedules, such as new consults or new admissions—especially when you have an intuitive tool that creates teams to ensure continuous coverage.

symplr’s On-Call Scheduling is part of our unified clinical collaboration platform, symplr Clinical Communications, that delivers sensitive information to the right person, role, or team in real-time and provides for role-based communication across your organization and the surrounding care community.

This key collaboration tool:
  • Eliminates redundant scheduling software and processes
  • Reduces wasted time spent searching for on-call physicians
  • Reduces physician interruptions
  • Speeds team mobilization and coordination
  • Ensures high user adoption

Use a high-value scheduling tool to ensure coverage and quality

Give clinicians a holistic on-call tool
Allow providers to view their personal schedules and subscribe to sync with Google or Outlook calendars. Provide views into organizational schedules based on security permission. Display read-only schedules in common areas or non-system locations.
Streamline scheduling admin
Administrators can easily use templates and create new events from existing ones, associating schedules to time periods, services, and set of users. Nested teams functionality provides the ability to schedule a team for coverage and unite multiple teams into one.
Expand your messaging platform
Build on to your solution in multiple ways: Let users receive messages via non-smartphone modalities, transform pages into a secure message, link with another healthcare organization that uses Secure Messaging, and allow users to search the national NPI database.

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