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Maximize the value of your EHR

Adopting an electronic health record (EHR) was a substantial, long-term investment for your healthcare organization. Ensure that your clinical collaboration tools complement it, not compete with it, toward achieving your quality and safety goals.


Close communication workflow gaps

A clinical collaboration platform closes gaps in EHR, clinical, scheduling, and communications workflows so teams work with accurate data in real time. Such connection can make all the difference in improved patient outcomes.

Base care decisions on better data

Unlock the digital collaboration benefits of a connected EHR and communications platform, allowing teams to work more efficiently across the care continuum. For handoffs and during the regular course of care, ensure secure, fast access to patient data. 

Transform clinical collaboration with EHR integration

Reap the value of integrating your communications tools

symplr Clinical Communications combines voice, video, alarms, alerts, and messages in one secure, HIPAA/HITECH compliant application. Much more than secure messaging, a clinical collaboration platform must integrate with electronic health records (EHRs) to allow notifications based on HL7 ADT for patient information, HL7 ORU for laboratory or radiology results, and SMTP for sepsis alerts. 

A clinical collaboration platform (CCP) and the EHR comprise a dynamic technology combination. EHRs provide the information needed for patient care, and CCPs allow providers to act on data efficiently and effectively. When comparing technology options, look for a CCP that can integrate with your EHR, to maximize the benefits of each.


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EHR-CCP integration is simple and transformative


Bring a patient-first approach to collaboration

Through EHR HL7 ADT integration, providers streamline communication around patient care and facilitate high-quality clinical collaboration

Give providers instant lab and radiology results

Mission-critical results are sent to clinicians’ fingertips through EHR HL7 ORU integration. Providers are alerted to new results, so everyone on the care team is informed. 

Expedite providers’ ability to act on alerts

When a patient’s status turns critical, delays in care are unacceptable. Through EHR integration with SMTP, providers receive high-priority sepsis alerts so they can act as soon as it becomes necessary

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