How Mobile Makes a Major Impact — with Minor Disruptions

Thursday, October 14, 12:00 PM CT | 60 minutes

There may be a number of factors you cannot control when it comes to the challenges your staff is facing right now. But, if scheduling and timekeeping factor into stress levels among your staff, the answer may be in the palm of your hands — and theirs: mobile technology. 

More than 85% of American adults now own smartphones1, and apps have become integral to many aspects of daily life, at work and home. 

You may be thinking, “A mobile app would be great, but changing our processes is too difficult.”

symplr has a solution for you that will not disrupt your processes, requires little to no training, and can create efficiencies right away. 

By adding our Workforce Management Mobile application to your existing Time and Attendance and Staffing and Scheduling solutions, your managers and staff can take a more proactive approach to both time card and schedule management, helping your organization contain costs, optimize staffing, and improve employee engagement quickly.

Managers can spend less time on administrative time card tasks, easing some of the administrative burden of “Payroll Monday”, freeing up more time to be with staff and patients.

Staff are more empowered with the tools to help balance work and life, which can be done while on-the-go.

Join us for a webinar to hear directly from customers who’ve implemented the Workforce Management Mobile application and learn why they call mobile a “game-changer”.



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