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Grow a strong and agile workforce

Foster learning and build a talent strategy attuned to changing business needs

Support your business with a strong and agile workforce

Prioritize employee development within your workforce planning strategy. When staff acquire new skills, you can quickly respond to changing needs, ultimately improving the quality-of-care patients receive.

Embrace adaptive learning techniques
Reduce reliance on classroom learning, track staff skill progression, and decrease time to competency with online instruction of healthcare education and staff training tools like Minute Mandatories®.
Proactively close the skills gap
Hire the right people to deliver quality care and create a culture of continuous learning. The results: You maintain your culture and high standards, and they grow to lead your organization in the future.

Staff development directly affects employee retention

Upskilling and reskilling are top priorities for nearly 60% of leadership and development (L&D) professionals. Some 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

- 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report

Improve outcomes and care quality through enhanced learning

Adopt competency-based educational strategies
Unlike traditional strategies, competency-based education focuses on outcomes—what an individual can do rather than what they can recall.
Drive successful accreditation survey results
Accreditation surveys are not always scheduled in advance. Be ready to supply evidence of staff competence—and remediation efforts, if applicable—at a moment’s notice to avoid non-compliance.
Develop a meaningful competency library
Facilitate more frequent, effective coaching conversations among employees, managers, and peers. Keep the lines of communication open—so everyone performs to their full potential.

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