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Create powerful healthcare eLearning experiences with symplr Learning that promote compliance and foster growth within your healthcare organization. Our comprehensive learning management software and extensive courseware are designed to elevate employee engagement and ensure continuous professional development.

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Optimize healthcare education and compliance with symplr Learning

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Adopt competency-based educational strategies

Assess and validate your employees' competencies in cognitive, technical, and interpersonal areas. Our platform provides unlimited validation methods and a customizable competency library to meet your organizational needs.
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Drive accreditation and compliance

Ensure your staff complies with essential standards to maintain financial health, avoid penalties, and strengthen your employer brand. Be ready for surveys with instant access to competence evidence and remediation actions.
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Plan, deliver, and track education effectively

Our learning management system streamlines education assignments across diverse roles. Use pre- and post-tests and generate reports to aid accreditation and manage renewals.

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Assess skills and manage competency with ease

With over 1,500 clinical and non-clinical competencies and 8,700 skills, symplr Learning ensures comprehensive competency validation for patient safety. Automated reminders and reports efficiently pinpoint and resolve knowledge gaps.

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Access a rich library of eLearning courses

Provide your staff with over 12,000 clinical and non-clinical eLearning courses from our library, offering 3,500+ CE and CME credits. These courses cover essential healthcare topics, ensuring staff excel in their roles.

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