Turnkey LMS Integration for healthcare

Maximize learning for your healthcare workforce

Improve critical competencies, minimize compliance risks, and elevate patient care with a turnkey LMS integration for all of your healthcare learning needs.

Ignite learning with healthcare specific courseware

Tap into high-quality healthcare courseware with a single turnkey LMS integration that can be easily administrated through any learning platform. If you work with a LMS that works with SCORM 1.2-compliant courses, integration is even easier!

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Close skills gaps
  • Courses from top industry associations, including the AMA, the AACN, and more!
  • Nursing curricula developed by symplr experts.
  • Courses range from regulatory compliance to patient experience, team skills, and more!
Motivate your staff to learn
  • Courses incorporate proven methods for effective adult education.
  • Deliver adaptive content in multiple formats to help drive engagement.
  • Easily support certification and licensure maintenance, as well as professional development efforts.
Seamless course delivery
  • Dedicated client support to ensure successful implementation, including:
    • Testing and validation
    • Brokering usages
    • Ongoing support
  • Updates when new editions are unveiled.


We partner with leading courseware and industry associations, vendors, and thought leaders to provide the courses your staff needs to improve critical competencies and provide high-quality care.

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