Physician Credentialing Checklist

The medical provider credentialing process is essential for ensuring patient safety and quality. A solid process can mean the difference between a safe, effective healthcare facility and running into costly errors down the road. Find out more and get a free physician credentialing checklist in our eBook.


Physician Checklist - Lead flow imgIn this eBook, you'll:

- Learn about the basics of physician credentialing

- Find out why thorough physician credentialing is important

- Get access to a provider credentialing checklist


Patient Safety Depends on Uncovering Hidden Red Flags 

Hiring the right physician for your medical team involves much more than looking at their CV. Evaluating and verifying the accuracy of every piece of background information they supplied - such as education, employment history, and accreditations - is time-consuming enough as it is. Unfortunately, it’s the details candidates don’t give you that can put your patients at risk.

A highly regarded physician might explain a work history gap as a sabbatical when they were actually fired for incompetence, yet all misconduct records were buried to protect the organization’s reputation.

Knowing where to look for red flags hidden within a provider’s background is essential for making sure you are hiring the medical professional they claim to be.

Missing a Single Provider Credentialing Step Puts Your Healthcare Facility at Risk

The provider credentialing process is a complex, multi-step process requiring careful management of professional verification, and analysis documentation. With so many details to keep track of, and with so many verification and information sources to handle, critical information can fall through the cracks very easily.

That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive provider credentialing workflow in place. It will help you record and track all relevant documentation and information while acting as a reference index of all the verification sources you’ll need to check. Otherwise, you might miss a critical process step that could put your facility at risk of a costly fines and negligent credentialing claims.

The Provider Credentialing Checklist is Your Guide to a Successful Physician Onboarding 

The Provider Credentialing Checklist from symplr is your guide to completing a successful physician credentialing and onboarding. This easy-to-use checklist from our physician credentialing experts allows you to proceed step-by-step through the complex process, helping with which documents to gather, where and how to conduct verification, make assessments, and compile the results for final credentialing.

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