Safety | symplr Safety

Align teams through transparent reporting and performance improvement

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Safety | symplr Safety

Align teams through transparent reporting and performance improvement

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We help you navigate the complexities of healthcare safety improvement


Put the spotlight on safety risks

Promote staff awareness of system or process failures that affect patient safety, and create an all-hands approach to reduce errors and prevent harm.

Implement and monitor safety improvements

Achieve enterprise-wide strategic objectives in safety and quality using tools such as incident management, complaints registration, satisfaction surveys, and audits.

Elevate data to produce actionable information

Perform systematic analysis and classification of incidents and risks, and inform stakeholders using elegant reports and dashboards.

The software and guidance that enables patient safety

Create a safe, high-performing, ethical environment

The knowledge, tools, and data required to improve patient safety at your healthcare organization keep changing—and your software must keep pace. symplr Safety is a digital event-management system built to capture incidents, provide analytics, manage workflows, and monitor safety improvements.

Our solution makes it easy for users to follow up on reported incidents using unique workflows to track grievances, complaints, or commendations through analysis to outcome. Use robust, embedded reporting to record and analyze positive or negative feedback to boost staff engagement. Initiate and monitor improvements and evaluate the outcomes. Foster participation in safety initiatives and build a transparent, blame-free reporting environment with symplr Safety.


Tools for total systems safety


Deploy automated forms

Use guided, category-driven work paths to ensure reporting of all relevant data on any device.

Tailorable for unique needs

Apply expert-created values that can be adjusted to work in any enterprise.

Customizable reports and dashboards

Discover trends, prioritize risks, and monitor KPIs on a schedule in multiple formats

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