Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) 

On-demand clinical performance data for OPPE and more.


Our automated OPPE solution enables you to track provider privilege usage and trend quality indicators: CMS Core Measure Indicators, OPPE, The Joint Commission Core Competencies, Surgical Case Review, and more. Gain valuable insight to ensure your patients are receiving the highest quality of care. 


Comprehensive Oversight

Import your medical or billing history to gain insight into each provider’s quality of care. Understand procedures performed, re-admission rates, lengths of stays, mortality rates, and much more.


Powerful Analytics and Reports

Easily snapshot and benchmark providers, and quickly view details of a provider’s quality of care.  Eliminate the need to spend valuable time configuring your own metrics for running an effective OPPE process by using our out-of-the-box solution.


Run OPPE Reports at Any Time

Unlike other OPPE analytic solutions, reports can be run at any time. Your IT department uploads the billing data to our secure SFTP site on their own schedule, and you run the reports whenever you need them. 

Manage Approval Process

Take the headache out of your most complicated, sensitive, and error-prone processes – from gathering and storing provider data as the source of truth, to performing primary source verifications, from maintaining years’ worth of records, to distributing information across your organization.

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Payor Enrollment Tools

When you partner with symplr for payor enrollment services, we take on the heavy-lifting of getting your providers enrolled — you get an entire team of experts working for you. We collect your data just ONCE then get busy securing and completing the right forms for the right payors.

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Provider Privileging

With symplr's Provider Privileging software you get the most comprehensive and ONLY online cusomizable privileging database kept current by a team of expert researchers - more complete and current than other free or hard copy published sources.

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symplr Provider Management Platform

“We have the full meal deal here... Credentialing and Privileging and the Professional Practice Reporting software. symplr is a great company! We have had for about a year and love it. I would highly recommend!  ”

Jennifer F.

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