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Provider Credentialing Process?

Cactus healthcare provider credentialing software allows you to quickly and easily connect with providers, validate credentials, and analyze qualifications to speed up your workflows.

Take the headache out of your most complicated, sensitive, and error-prone processes – from gathering and storing provider data as the source of truth, to performing primary source verifications, from maintaining years’ worth of records to distributing information across your organization.



A Complete Healthcare Credentialing Software Solution

Cactus credentialing software is purpose-built for credentialing professionals, and has been the industry leader in credentialing technology for over 30 years.

Whether you are a hospital, multi-facility healthcare organization, CVO, specialty practice, or health plan, this highly flexible, web-based credentialing software will help you streamline your processes to reduce duplicate efforts and gain significant time to address other important responsibilities. Eliminate paper processes and reduce processing time with online applications, seamless connections for primary source verification, and effective communication with your providers. Connect with providers, committee review bodies, and others relevant to every step of the credentialing process.

From onboarding through committee review, robust and flexible features respond to your needs, giving you control of your workflow, schedule, and goals. With Cactus credentialing software, you can:

  • Decrease turnaround time for applications
  • Seamlessly validate credentials
  • Quickly analyze qualifications
  • Add provider information to your database rapidly
  • Easily track and maintain records
  • Enjoy an entirely paperless credentialing workflow

The Easy and Effective Way to Manage
Your Provider Credentialing Information

Maintaining reliable provider information can be labor intensive. But with Cactus credentialing, you can streamline data management processes and maximize productivity while enhancing communication with internal and external sources. You can trust the industry’s leading credentialing software to help you maintain a flawless database that your organization will consider its go-to, primary source for information.


In addition to our robust credentialing workflow tools, we also provide:

Application Manager

Web-based, entirely paperless management of your entire provider application process. Simplify and streamline the complicated and error-prone process of gathering data from providers. Eliminate duplication and data entry errors with batch operations. 

Learn More About Application Manager 


License Monitoring & Exclusion Screening

Automate the process of verifying provider licenses and certifications as well as perform exclusion screening, with our powerful technology. License Monitor effortlessly combs through websites you need to access for verification. Search results are returned directly to the credentialing tool. With Cactus Exclusion Screening, you can compare providers in your Cactus database with those listed in the OIG, SAM, and state Medicaid databases.

Learn More About License Monitor

Learn More About Exclusion Screening


Committee Manager

Streamline your committee review process with workflows for department, specialty, status, category or credentialing type. Create virtual committees and automate your committee review processes. Eliminate paper files and scheduling conflicts.

Learn More About Committee Manager


Affiliation Letters

Shave hours off the verification process with instant verification letters and eliminate time-consuming written responses, and manual validation of provider appointment dates. Simply configure your affiliation letters just once, and free inquirer accounts can self-serve their verification requests in real time.

Learn More About Affiliation Letters


Provider Directories & Profiles

Save time, eliminate out-of-date directories and give your internal and external communities access to real-time provider information.  Whether your community members need to locate a nearby provider, or pharmacists need to validate a controlled substance, you can use filtered views to provide the right information to the right people.

Learn More About Online Data Viewers

Enterprise Integrations

Our enterprise data integration tools allow you to maintain a single source of truth for provider data across all your systems and never require you to enter the same data twice again. Whether you need to send provider information into your EHR/EMR, or to push data to or pull from CAQH, our integrations have you covered. 

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