Learn, Grow and Engage at symplr’s Regional User Conferences

At symplr, we put our customer commitment at the top of our list every day. We continually ask ourselves, “how can we make our clients superheroes?”

We can’t just say that we value our customers, we have to show it. Unlike other companies that try to turn a profit from their user conference events, every single user of our provider management tools has access to our regional user conferences – at no additional charge.

For the past two years, these regional events have been a combination of a product roadshow and educational conference for our users. We’ve gotten a great response at these events, but this year we asked ourselves a few questions: Do we put on just another conference, filled with the same old stuff you hear everywhere else? Does that help our clients excel? Our team gave a resounding no, and we guessed you would, too.

The only way we can be successful is if you’re successful. Doing that takes more than dusting off tired trends and speaking about the same old topics. We know you’re already in information overload – but you do need answers to your most pressing problems.

Our customers tell us they want great tools and education that keeps them ahead of the curve. Our clients really want to optimize their time, do the right thing, and be excellent every day.

What if you could set aside two fun, action-packed days on your calendar now to guarantee you’ll stay ahead of the curve? What if you could go to one place to get training on the products that you use every day, learn more about trends that are having an impact on our industry, and grow your expertise to create leading-edge provider management processes and support for your organization? And what if you could do it all without breaking your department’s budget with expensive conference fees?

symplr engage is the answer. Provider credentialing, quality improvement, and provider relations professionals from across the country will come together four times this year for a two-day, knowledge-packed conference and networking event. Industry and product experts will be on-hand and ready to provide you the most up-to-date industry trends, training and talent in four regional venues – making it easy to attend no matter where you live.

symplr engage is the perfect opportunity to learn the latest from symplr. Whether you’re a current symplr, Cactus, or Vistar eVIPs user, at symplr engage, you'll have a unique opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your software directly from our experts, so that you can become a symplr super user!

It’s the ideal event for you to take valuable tips back home to send your team's productivity through the roof. If you have feedback or a great idea to make users happier and productive, we’re ready to listen! Our product team will be on hand both days and ready to chat.

Curious about how something works, or having trouble getting something to work the way you want it to? Our training rooms are open all day, so stop by and get one-on-one time to walk through any area of our platforms.

New this year are our executive roundtable sessions, purposely designed for senior leaders to come together in a private setting to share and learn from one another’s experiences and the variety of common challenges they face. We’ve also included in-depth, hands-on training sessions to help new and advanced users hone their skills with our software. These two new additions fill up very quickly, so it’s important that you register for the event as soon as you can.

We know you’re busy, so we’re making it easier than ever to attend. symplr engage will be held at four locations and dates to fit your schedule this year:

Register early! Click here to save a spot for you, your peers, and your team! Put symplr engage on your calendar today and start looking forward to the great people, tools, and insights you’ll find to take home and supercharge your office. Don’t forget that as an attendee, you’re eligible to earn a bunch of NAMSS CEUs credits to expand your professional standing.

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