Provider Credentialing Reimagined: What to Expect with New, Cloud-Based Software

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Nothing is more important to a chief medical officer than making sure physicians are delivering safe, effective care to patients. To do so, physicians must be credentialed, privileged, and onboarded by Medical Staff Services Professionals (MSPs) accurately and efficiently.  

The role of MSPs  work is vastly different than it was even a few years ago and relying on legacy credentialing software and working with disparate systems can cause delays, inaccuracies and errors in the credentialing process. Technological inefficiency and a poor user interface also leads to staff burnout, unnecessary manual work, data redundancy, and frustrated physicians, not to mention lower revenue.  

Why slow provider credentialing processes are costly


Credentialing delays cause a ripple effect across the organization and can be a big drain on revenue cycles for hospitals and health systems.  

Because physicians are the main source of patient revenue, it’s vital they are in front of patients, providing care. According to a recent Merritt Hawkins analysis, physicians generate an average of $2.4 million per year in net revenue on behalf of their affiliated hospitals.  

This means that delays in getting physicians credentialed and enrolled can cost an average size hospital up to $9,000 per physician per day. The data also illustrates the value of MSPs’ time since they are at heart of credentialing qualified providers, supporting the organization’s patient population.  

With razor thin operating margins, hospitals can’t afford to lose revenue due to lengthy delays and inability to keep pace with credentialing providers.  


How cloud-based credentialing software speeds onboarding and enrollment   


With modern, cloud-based credentialing software, hospitals and health systems can shrink credentialing turnaround times, improve antiquated processes, and shorten revenue cycles – all while prioritizing patient safety.   

A centralized, up-to-the-minute source of truth for all provider data is increasingly critical today as more hospitals and health systems demand agility and operate multiple facilities with providers delivering care across the entire enterprise.  

More than ever, organizations need an end-to-end provider data management solution that integrates credentialing and provider quality review processes from privilege to procedure. With a modern credentialing system, you dramatically speed the onboarding and enrollment of providers.   

Additionally, a cloud-based solution can be scaled up easily to meet the additional needs of payer enrollment and quality review, offering integration of all provider data touchpoints. This technology can also be integrated with mission-critical systems that rely on accurate provider data, such as an electronic health record or an enterprise provider directory for broad distribution. 


3 reasons to switch to a cloud credentialing system


If you’re reading this, you’re immersed in provider data management challenges every day. You might be using legacy credentialing software and be asking if it’s time to migrate to a modern, SaaS solution.  

If you’re looking to tackle the following industry challenges, it may be time to switch to symplr Provider (Saas): 

The need to scale
“My hospital/health system is growing, and we need a modern system that can scale as we grow.”

When you migrate to symplr Provider, you remove the hassle of buying and maintaining servers, doing database backups, and scheduling product updates. Instead, our cloud-based system takes care of the scaling for you, enabling you to add or remove resources as needed and adjust to changing demands quickly.

Disparate systems
“My organization is merging or acquiring other hospitals, which has resulted in teams using disparate and disconnected systems. We need a single system of truth with consistent data enterprise wide.”

→ The symplr Provider platform is the only end-to-end provider data management solution in healthcare that encompasses application, contracting, verification, credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and monitoring, giving you a single source of truth for provider data across the organization.

Manual, paper processes
“My medical staff services team is stretched thin and could use more automation in our software that speeds up workflows.”

→ We listened to our Cactus customers and have put over 120 user-requested product enhancements into action with our modern platform, symplr Provider. The result is an intuitive user interface with improved workflows, faster reporting, and powerful new features, such as bulk updating, expanded user preferencing, and end-to-end electronic privileging capabilities.


Make the switch to symplr Provider and transform your organization


The most effective healthcare organizations are redefining the way they credential providers and use technology to thrive rather than merely survive.   

Learn how you can transform slow and tedious credentialing processes with a modern, cloud-based system that saves you time and improves the credentialing experience for everyone.  



Accomplish more in less time with modern credentialing software 


Now is the perfect time to modernize your credentialing process with symplr Provider workflows, automation, electronic committee approvals, and advanced privileging capabilities. 


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