Making the Magnet Journey symplr with a Healthcare-Specific Enterprise Solution

Calling all nurses and nurse leaders:

You’re rightfully proud of the crucial work you do and are aware that your role is more important than ever. For some nursing teams, it’s time to take the next step in bringing meaningful recognition to your extraordinary practices by becoming a Magnet-designated organization. If your organization has achieved and maintains the prestigious designation, congratulations on choosing the path to excellence.   

At symplr, we’re among the biggest fans of nurses and nurse leaders, evidenced by: 

  • Our 30+ years of dedication to supporting caregivers through our enterprise healthcare operations solutions. It’s likely we’re already serving your organization: symplr’s solutions reside in 9 of 10 U.S. hospitals today. 
  • Our corporate sponsorship of the DAISY Foundation’s recognition program for extraordinary nurses and support of targeted research with the DAISY Foundation. We strive to bring meaningful recognition to deserving nurses.  
  • Our own nursing workforce: Did you know that more than 20 nurses are full-time employees of symplr? They provide essential input into symplr’s products and solutions because they have been in your shoes.   

The next logical step is to learn how our dedication to the nursing practice and significant presence in healthcare facilities can facilitate and energize your Magnet journey.   


“Day after day, month after month, year after year, nurses across the world are on the front lines, tirelessly and selflessly caring for others throughout people’s lives, from birth to death and the accidents, chronic illnesses, and now even a pandemic that happens in between those two events.” 
–Karlene Kerfoot, symplr CNO

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“What the pandemic has done will in the long term be good for healthcare, because it has highlighted damaging operational inefficiencies. And there is now a mandate; it’s a moral imperative to improve things.”
–BJ Schaknowski, symplr CEO


symplr helps drive nurse engagement, clinical outcomes, and financial results 

Nurses are a great resource not only for identifying where the greatest administrative burdens exist, but also for finding innovative solutions to help solve the administrative issues. When nurses innovate or spot a problem that needs to be solved, they have a chance to make systemic change within their units, organizations, and beyond.   

As a nurse or nurse leader, you want to enjoy your work but are often encumbered with barriers. At symplr, it’s our mission to break down many of the administrative and technological barriers that take away the pure joy nurses profess receiving from helping patients and their families.   

“When we at symplr do our jobs well,
we give clinicians more time back to give care.”
–BJ Schaknowski, symplr CEO

Want to learn about how symplr can contribute to the joy of nursing and improve the efficiency of your operations—whether you’ve achieved Magnet status or are at any stage of optimizing your nursing workforce strategies? Let us show you how our numerous solutions, services, and expertise can support your commitment to nursing satisfaction, excellence, and your Magnet journey.  


Reimagine your nursing workforce’s capabilities and give nurses more time back 

So how can we help you in your Magnet journey? 

  • Our enterprise workforce staffing and scheduling systems can help you meet the requirements for transformational leadership. Empower nursing teams with our self-scheduling systems, clinical communications, and talent management solutions. For example, by starting with a scheduling system that is exclusively designed and customized for healthcare, you have the opportunity to look across a unit (or enterprise) with many disciplines and ensure that the best care working conditions are in place. This in turn ensures that you’re delivering the best patient care for all.  
  • Our compliance and quality systems are also healthcare-specific and can provide you with the information you need to document your journey and achieve nursing excellence. At the individual provider level, symplr’s solutions help health systems use unbiased, non-punitive methods to aid nurses and other providers in self-improvement to increase the quality of care patients receive and bolster provider satisfaction. 
  • Our credentialing systems ensure that you hire/partner with only the most qualified caregivers and that they meet the quality standards that you establish. You really can make credentialing about patient safety and provider satisfaction. 
  • Access to the data and evidence in enterprise healthcare operations systems enables nurse leaders and others to obtain actionable insights that foster innovation,  elevate professional recognition opportunities, and empower nurses through continuous improvement efforts and research.  
  • And don’t forget fun!!  There isn’t anything greater than having the support to be the DAISY Nurse you want to be, and to be acknowledged with the meaningful recognition that the DAISY award brings. At symplr, we're committed to ensuring that our systems support the practice and culture of DAISY.   

Ready to reimagine your nursing workforce’s operations and give nurses more time to provide high-quality patient care?  We would love to talk with you about how we clearly believe in and are dedicated to supporting and facilitating your Magnet journey. We are here to help!  

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