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Hospital vendor credentialing typically includes checking that vendors are in compliance with a range of protocols before allowing them access into a hospital or healthcare facility. It includes a myriad of factors such as:

  • Immunizations
  • Background checks
  • Screening against federal databases
  • Acceptance of facility policies and procedures
  • Certifications such as CPR, comprehensive training curriculum, and more.

It’s a critical process but doing it manually can prove to be challenging and inefficient for an already overworked hospital staff. As hospitals prioritize the safety of their patients, staff, and records while having limited resources, a vendor management and credentialing solution is the quickest, most efficient solution to keeping the hospital secure.

How Vendor Credentialing Software & Services Can Save You Time

Keep Track of Movement Within the Hospital in Real Time

Facility security is always a top priority for most businesses, especially for hospitals or healthcare organizations. It’s critical for hospital administration to have a real time account of who is entering and leaving what areas of the facility in order to ensure the safety of their patients and staff. With medical vendors coming in and out of the hospital or healthcare facility all the time, they themselves can prove to be a risk. There’s the concern for the spread of health risks, infections have the potential to be more rampant in hospitals where there are patients who are vulnerable. Aside from the medical risk, there is also a safety and security issue in having a vendor in a space in which they don’t have certified access. Having a hospital vendor credentialing system in place can help administrators easily keep track of vendors access and permissions and quickly alerts them if something is awry.

Easily Keep Information Private and Confidential

Healthcare organizations require constant vigilance when it comes to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of information regarding their patients, employees, customers, clients, etc. Trying to keep up with who is accessing what information manually can prove to be difficult, time consuming, and inconsistent among hospital administration staff. There is also the necessity of complying with the standards of quality care and security set by governing bodies and healthcare organizations such as the Joint Commission. Incorporating a hospital vendor credentialing system in your process can save a considerable amount of time and money by ensuring access is only given to authorized personnel, avoiding financial penalties that can be assessed of any type of violation is found by the Joint Commission.

Strengthen and Simplify Accountability Frameworks

Even in a secure healthcare environment, mistakes can happen. As healthcare providers, it is essential that proper accountability frameworks are in place. Having a comprehensive vendor credentialing system can help keep a healthcare facility safe from litigation or negative publicity. Vendor credentialing software easily and quickly defends the organization and proves that risk management protocols are in place.

Easier Control of Supply Chain and Vendor-Related Risks

When you’re an administrator at a large hospital or healthcare center, keeping track of the multitude of supplies and vendors coming in and out of the facility can be overwhelming. A hospital vendor credentialing system can help keep a finger on the pulse of the activity occurring in the facility. Having a record of vendors and their history can help protect hospital staff from making purchasing decisions influenced by persuasion or favoritism and encourage equitable and fair purchases. Not only does this save time, but it also helps ensure the protection and integrity of the healthcare facility.

Scalable with Hospital Growth

As healthcare organizations grow and prosper, they may also acquire several satellite and standalone locations. This may result in many access points or departments not being directly on-site. Hospital vendor credentialing systems are scalable to the growth of your facility and can help hospital administrators quickly keep track of access to the healthcare facilities and ensure accountability across all locations.

Hospital vendor credentialing is a critical aspect of keeping a healthcare facility safe and efficient. Partnering with a vendor credentialing company that can install a comprehensive software and service for your facility will increase efficiency while ensuring your facility is compliant. At symplr, our mission is to lead the industry in simple, intuitive compliance and credentialing software and services. We cover all the angles - from providing your business with leading solutions for provider credentialing to a way to manage everyone entering your facility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your healthcare facilities’ credentialing processes a bit simpler.

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