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doctor-with-vendor.jpgAs regulations and risk mitigation responsibilities grow for healthcare facilities, vendor credentialing has become an even more crucial compliance necessity for hospitals. Facilities need to know at all times the vendors in their facility and what products or services they provide. Vendor credentialing plays an important role in ensuring patients are protected against risk of infection.

Vendors must have the appropriate training and be thoroughly screened for accessible areas. Common credentialing includes checks for immunizations, previous infractions, and training, such as handwashing and sterile environments. Once a vendor meets the hospital’s credentialing requirements, he or she is given a badge or day pass which shows where he or she has access within the facility.

Manually performing vendor credentialing checks can be a very time-consuming and error-prone process. In addition, developing a customized solution can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, there are robust and comprehensive healthcare vendor credentialing solutions available, giving you peace of mind and the tools you need to succeed.  

Hospital Vendor Credentialing Systems

Robust vendor credentialing systems give you the tools you need to work with your suite of vendors. They can give you a complete overview of the information you may need, versus the hassle of tracking individual vendors, making your life simpler. 

A streamlined credentialing system eliminates potential disorganization and confusion caused by multiple procedures and additional paperwork. Paper records and extra documentation mean a lack of centralized access, which leads to long wait times for a hard copy if digital access is not available. Vendor credentialing systems provide one central hub to manage all vendor-related information.

Another important benefit of vendor credentialing systems is each of your vendors will have access to provide their up-to-date credentials­ – they handle the maintenance and updating based on your credentialing requirements. Tracking your vendors’ credentials is especially critical for those carrying pharmaceuticals. Managing this information helps you maintain positive relationships with your vendors without getting bogged down by burdensome administrative tasks.

In the case of an emergency, you’ll need to know who’s in your facility. By using a hospital credentialing system, you can quickly understand the vendor representatives in your facility and where they are located.

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Interested in how your healthcare organization can benefit from an external vendor credentialing system? At symplr, our mission is to lead the industry in simple, intuitive compliance and credentialing software and services. symplr covers all the angles – from the credentialing, enrollment, and privileging of providers to managing vendor and visitor activity in your facility – with advanced solutions, services, and support.

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