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Welcome. Thank you for looking to symplr for General Credentialing.

What is General redentialing with symplr? It is credentialing the contractors, agency workers and anyone else you agency needs to credential. This can also include students. So if your facility is a teaching facility that has an influx of new students every couple of months, you will be able to keep track of all of their credentials.

Why choose symplr? symplr credentials anyone and everyone entering your facility. With symplr, you know who is onsite and that they have met your facilities requirements. Combining this with the new internet free symplrPass Check-In, symplr is the best easiest way to track more than just your vendor reps.

Individuals have portals to upload credentials or this can be managed by that company representative. Our team verifies all credentials and runs background checks in government watch lists on both the company and the individual. As administrators using the analytics tools within symplr, you can delineate your data into groups in order to have the complete picture of who is onsite and from where. The check in process for your facility is unchanged. Still have them scan your badge or look them up. Your check in staff will still see the traffic light to clearly symbolize if the individual has met your requirements and is allowed to be onsite.

Within the software you can see multiple levels beyond symplr’s standard access levels. In this example, you will see agency nurses, janitorial and construction, each with unique requirements to access the facility. These requirements are set by you and new levels and requirements can be added at any time.

If you are interested in credentialing more than just your vendor reps please contact us today at or (844) 242 4977.

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