Vendor credentialing made easy.

No computer.
No internet.
No problem.

symplrPass is a revolutionary new easy-to-use check-in station from symplr that requires no internet, and combines patent-pending scanning technology and a smartphone application to get your credentialed vendors checked into your facility in no time!


How does it work?

No computer means that symplrPass doesn't need an internet connection. Stations can be placed at any entry or access point in your facility - users can get in, get verified, get a day pass and go. It's that simple. Did we mention, no computer? 

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Vendor Credentialing

Vendor Credentialing from symplr is a full-service, web-based solution that helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities manage access controls and compliance for vendor representatives.


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symplr can screen and verify absolutely anyone entering your facility. Let us help you keep your facility safe, secure, and in compliance, with screening for:

Contractors - Researchers - Consultants- Students - Staff - Infection Control - Nurses - Observer - Volunteers


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Visitor Management from symplr is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement web-based visitor screening solution that protects you and your patients by preventing unwanted access to your facility.

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Per the guidance of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), healthcare organizations receiving federal- or state-level funding are required to screen all individuals and entities that are directly or indirectly involved with patient care for healthcare exclusions, at minimum, once per month. We will ensure you do just that, simply and quickly, via our exclusion screening tool.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Vendor Credentialing

“symplr has simplified the management of our credentialing process tremendously. They are consistently responsive to our needs and a true partner in managing the credentialing of our reps.”

-Deborah A.

Vendor Credentialing

“The symplr reporting capabilities allow us to easily see who is on site, who was sited but did not register, who needs additional education, who doesn’t like to follow our rules, and gives us the data we need to evaluate vendor relationships.”

-Chip G.

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