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Brandi Brown

At symplr, Brandi Brown is the Supervisor of Payor Enrollment Services with extensive knowledge of the healthcare payor landscape, which encompasses many medical specialties and organizational settings. Brandi has over 11 years of credentialing and enrollment experience, and her background includes enrollment for hospitalist, intensivist and physician groups, individual and private practices, and other ancillary providers in multiple states.

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Payor Enrollment

3 Tips for Enrolling a New Provider at Your Group Practice

By: Brandi Brown
August 17th, 2017

Picture this scenario: As the enrollment specialist in a group practice, you find out that your group has hired a new provider. You also learn that this provider is already a well-established practitioner in the area, and that the provider is merely “moonlighting” with your practice. How will this affect the way you approach this enrollment? What are some of the concerns in enrollment that may arise? Can you avoid these potential issues?

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