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Proven secure messaging solutions to improve patient care collaboration

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We help you navigate the complexities of relaying patient data


Get true visibility of every patient

By attaching patient health information directly to a message, clinical teams collaborate using accurate patient context. The use of real-time data bolsters your goal to improve quality by reducing the potential of medical errors and delays of care. 


Link messaging to the EHR

Securely integrating messaging with your EHR enables care teams to instantly see vital patient health information beyond the basics of name and DOB. They'll see medical records numbers, last updated date/time, location, patient class, diagnoses, allergies, and more. 

Engage with patients post-discharge

Check on patients, coordinate follow-up appointments with other clinicians, and answer patient questions. Providers and patients can quickly and easily exchange HIPAA-compliant messages using symplr Patient Care Collaboration.

Improved patient communications lead to better care 

Benefit from technology that fosters patient satisfaction and helps reduce readmissions

Patients don’t see the intricate communication methods their providers use to exchange timely and accurate information with each other. But it is within these exchanges where care is coordinated and delivered to achieve optimal outcomes. Whether clinicians are providing their colleagues with an update to the status of a patient’s condition, a lab result, or an image of a wound site, for instance, miscommunication—or a lack of communication—between or among caregivers can drastically increase the occurrence of adverse outcomes and readmissions.

symplr Patient Care Collaboration is part of our unified clinical collaboration platform, symplr Clinical Communications, and enables providers to accelerate care by positioning the next clinician to take the next step forward in team-based care.



Collaboration drives quality patient care and provider success


Support the complexities of team-based care

Care team members juggle multiple patients each shift, and Patient Coordinator ensures that everyone involved understands the patient in context. Team members can quickly view who else is on the team, see their status, and start a team message.

Put the spotlight on patient care collaboration

Avoid the serious errors that can occur due to communication failures in the regular course of care and during handoffs, shift changes, and patient transfers. Keep patients at the center of care by giving nurses and other caregivers accurate data at their fingertips.

Give admins and providers control and privacy

Using symplr Patient Care Collaboration, administrators maintain full control over a patient’s contact list. In addition, patients cannot see a provider’s number or call back number when exchanging messages with their provider. 

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