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WFM ROI Calculator

Labor costs can eat up the majority of a health system’s operating budget, and a recent study shows that workforce costs keep rising, growing nearly 20% per patient since 2019.       

Independent research, consisting of in-depth interviews with symplr Workforce Management customers, found that symplr addressed specific customer challenges to deliver a quick and compelling ROI. A hospital system (552 beds, 1,250 active employees, 750 pagers in use) with $1 billion in net patient revenue can realize significant financial benefits from an investment in symplr:  

A health system with this profile generates a positive return in less than three months and a one-year ROI of more than 460%, with annual benefits exceeding $ 6.3 million.

Download this free guide to learn ways to effectively manage workforce costs and find value in technology built for today’s challenging healthcare environment: 

  • Reduce labor expenses and premium pay with improved visibility 
  • Increase capacity of the existing payroll team and achieve greater payroll accuracy 
  • Use role-based collaboration to get the right information to the right person instantly with built-in on-call scheduling (automated roles)