Best Practices for a Remote CVO Workforce

Do you have an alignment strategy with your remote CVO?

Remote and contracted work has become the norm, even for credentialing verification organization (CVO) staff—once thought to be essential in-house employees.white_paper_Best_Practices_for_a_Remote_CVO_Workforce_staged

For some roles like primary source verification, credentialing, or enrollment in a CVO, there may be no going back to the pre-pandemic norm of commuting daily to a brick and mortar hospital or healthcare administrative site. Yet there are key considerations to ensure your remote CVO staff—or those of your third-party CVO—are aligned.

Get the blueprint for addressing common data management and technology challenges in any outsourced work arrangement.


Learn how:

  • CVOs, performing critical business processes that affect the organization's bottom line, require significant technological resources regardless of their physical location.

  • Specific points of vulnerability exist in every system. For CVOs, those key areas include data or document source, viewing authorization, transmission method security, and data or document storage. 

  • Using a single, shared, credentialing database fosters efficiency and security for remote CVO staff.