Back to the Future: Transforming Your Supply Chain Beyond an Emergent, Transactional Model

Webinar: 60 minutes


Transforming Healthcare Supply Chains

Across the supply chain landscape - from capital equipment requisition and new product introduction to purchased services and contracting – today’s healthcare supply chain professionals are faced with unprecedented challenges.  

So how can supply chains strategically transform to move from an emergent state to a sustainable model without letting the ball drop on short-term priorities?  

Watch the roundtable discussion moderated by AHRMM’s 2023 George R. Gossett Leadership Award Recipient, Dee Donatelli, as our industry experts discuss:

  • Strategies to address spend reduction in the midst of unprecedented challenges.
  • Reframing processes and procedures to prioritize resiliency as a key driver for success.
  • Tools and tips for gaining stakeholder alignment and creating a united front for implementing evidence-based changes.   


Dee Donatelli, RN, BSN, MBA
Senior Director, Spend Management, symplr

Dawn Plimmer
Director, Purchased Services at symplr

Brandon Baca
VP - Vendor Negotiation Service

Ashley Brand, BSN, RN, CVAHP
Senior Manager Evidence Research at symplr

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