Core Supply Chain Practices for Sustained Success

Hear the importance of foundational strategies to strengthen and stabilize your supply chain from Doug Pytlinski.

Listen in as Doug Pytlinski, System Vice President of Supply Chain Operations at AdventHealth, underscores the necessity of revisiting and strengthening fundamental supply chain practices disrupted during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Reassessment of foundations: Explore the critical importance of revisiting core procedures that may have been sidelined during the pandemic's urgent demands.
  • Resilience reinforcement: Discover strategies to rebuild and fortify your supply chain against future disruptions.
  • Efficiency optimization: Learn how to enhance operational efficiencies through a thorough review and adjustment of existing supply chain frameworks.
This discussion highlights the essential steps needed to ensure your supply chain is robust, agile, and ready to meet current and future challenges.
Webinar_Core Supply Chain Practices for Sustained Success

Foundational Strategies for Today’s Supply Chain

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