A Growth Mindset is Essential for Supply Chain Leaders in 2024

Explore the significance of maintaining a growth mindset alongside cost management in healthcare supply chain operations.

Navigating the complexities of healthcare supply chain management requires more than just cost control—it demands innovation and forward-thinking strategies. Join Janie Ott as she briefly touches on her ambitious goals for cost reduction while emphasizing the importance of a growth-oriented approach.

  • Strategic overview: Janie introduces her goal of significant cost reductions by 2025, highlighting the balance between cost efficiency and strategic growth.
  • Adaptability in action: Learn about the need for evolving processes to ensure competitive and operational effectiveness.
  • Commitment to growth: Discover how a persistent growth mindset is vital for long-term success and exceeding goals in supply chain management.
This session offers insights into integrating effective cost controls with strategies that foster development and innovation within your organization.


Webinar_Core Supply Chain Practices for Sustained Success

Foundational Strategies for Today’s Supply Chain

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