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Improve patient care by investments in employee development

Employee performance directly affects your ability to meet patient-care objectives


Develop your talent

Empower your team members with a broad range of career development tools. Give them talent reviews, behavioral assessments, career development plans, and ongoing coaching to foster the continuous development they need to deliver quality patient care.


Identify tomorrow’s leaders today

Leaders hold the keys to employee engagement and development. Managers set the standard for work and outputs, and are essential in developing employees for future business needs. It's never been easier to identify the people who are equipped to lead your organization.


Nurture a culture of excellence

Facilitate more frequent, effective coaching conversations among employees, managers, and peers to keep the lines of communication open—so everyone performs to their full potential.


A 1% increase in employee engagement will increase patient satisfaction by 0.33%

Employee retention is one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations. 

To maintain the high level of care your organization provides to patients, you'll need to keep your employees engaged and set up for success. Your employees’ can't consistently deliver high-quality patient care unless they remain motivated, engaged, and committed. 

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed lots of new challenges, exhausting and burning out our healthcare workers. Unless changes are made to the industry, nearly half say they plan to leave their current positions by 2025¹. 

But when managed well, employee engagement can increase employee retention and performance, further improving overall quality of patient care, and financial outcomes for healthcare organizations.

¹ Clinician of the Future, 2022 Report – Elsevier  

Manage your workforce for optimum efficiency and performance



Manage performance for ongoing improvement

With symplr Employee Performance, you evaluate and track employee performance while providing opportunities for learning and development. symplr helps ensure your staff is prepared to provide high-quality patient care.


Help employees understand expectations

For employees to be successful, they require a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities to understand the impact of their work on the larger organization. 


Encourage collaboration and accountability

Tracking performance over time enables employees and managers to work collaboratively to identify opportunities for development while building a culture of accountability.


Develop employees for ongoing success

Once you identify development opportunities among staff, use symplr's tools to provide coaching and feedback that render performance management a constructive, continuous process.


Use reporting to improve performance management

Identifying performance gaps is key to understanding how you can continuously improve your performance management efforts. symplr's reporting makes it easy.

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