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In today's complex healthcare environment, it's imperative to leverage technology that maximizes productivity while containing labor costs.

For over two decades, SpinFusion has helped transform physician scheduling into an effortless and efficient process, enabling providers to focus on clinical care instead of operational issues. Get scheduling technology that focuses on quality of life and the bottom line.

SpinFusion & symplr

Using our comprehensive staffing logistics tool that offers unparalleled customization, symplr customers better manage the unique needs of all people in healthcare for scheduling, timekeeping, and payroll—enterprise wide.

symplr's Workforce Management SaaS solutions make it easier for healthcare organizations to hire, keep, optimize, and grow their entire workforce and improve provider workflows so that they run more efficiently. Our healthcare-specific technology empowers organizations to make data-driven staffing decisions, contain labor costs, improve productivity, increase staff engagement, and positively impact patient outcomes.

"The release of our fifth-generation staffing logistics platform was built on our nearly two decades of experience and is positioned to create a market paradigm shift. We are thrilled to join symplr, a true juggernaut in the healthcare technology space," said Matt Mendez, MD, Vice President of Product Management. "Together, this combination creates a new class-leading option for healthcare enterprises. Finally, the patchwork quilt of inadequate technology can be replaced by one optimized platform with two equally important goals: better operations and better outcomes."

symplr Physician Scheduling

(formerly known as SpinSchedules, SpinClockWork, and SpinFlux)

  • Save time and free clinicians from non-billable scheduling tasks, allowing a focus on complex decisions
  • Increase productivity by automating physician scheduling, creating a central source of truth
  • Increase collaboration and engagement through the ability to swap schedules
  • Optimize and contain costs for complex compensation models
  • Developed by a physician, provides deep knowledge of and expertise in staffing logistics
  • Manages call, leave, daytime work, and requests using customizable rules
  • Integrates monthly schedules and daily work assignments to better optimize fluctuations
  • Captures and manages clocking data to ensure clinicians are in the right place at the right time, and provides robust data back to the organization for reporting and data-driven decision making

Ready to learn more about our healthcare-specific Workforce Management solutions?

Ready to learn more about our healthcare-specific Workforce Management solutions?
Current customers

For over two decades, you’ve counted on us to achieve automated and streamlined physician scheduling that prioritizes quality of life and the bottom line. Now, as a part of symplr, we can better deliver on this mission through the expanded breadth and depth of the symplr Workforce Management software and services portfolio, driving even more impactful results for our customers. We are excited to share this opportunity with you.