Drive performance improvement and reduce readmissions with a single system-wide solution to report quality and risk.

Healthcare systems seek more efficient ways to drive improvement, provide consistent care, and produce holistic reporting with fewer applications. Using one solution to measure and manage risk and quality makes it easier. This holistic approach enables current, credible, and complete data that clinicians trust to discuss physician performance, report to the board on performance, and rapidly respond to safety, risk, and quality events.  

Using Midas across your health system can:  

  • Drive consistency of care and improvements across all facilities 
  • Consolidate solutions needed to provide holistic, risk, quality, and compliance management across your health system
  • Deliver efficient reporting and real-time data at the patient level 
  • Prioritize clinical cohorts by greatest risk for financial penalty and most significant opportunity for improvement  

Unlock enterprise-wide insights, efficiency, and reporting by expanding Midas to all your care settings.  

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